I was asked a very interesting question today – are white sugar and white rice white because they have been chemically bleached? And there have been cases of this kind of thing in the past. It has a caramel flavour and you can use this brown sugar to sweeten various hot beverages, or flavour desserts like candies, cakes and other bakery items. In order to make it white it is bleached (by definition, cleaned) by bubbling sulfur dioxide though the sugar. haha. So I try not to use it has much as possible. I have been searching for more information on the processing of white rice, and whether persulfate is ever used for “extra whitening.” I can not find any evidence for that use — which is good, because I hope to continue to eat some white rice in a gluten free, and now low nickel food plan (also just had the nickel allergy diagnosed, too). Molasses is then added to make brown sugar. Can you see now why I get turbinado (called demerara in the UK) sugar? Brown sugar is created by adding molasses to refined sugar, so companies that use bone char in the production of their regular sugar also use it in the production of their brown sugar. It used to be the case that decaffeinated coffee was decaffeinated with dichloromethane, a carcinogenic chemical that you certainly don’t want to be ingesting. Get your answers by asking now. Same reason salt is … It is that source for the sulfur dioxide that is an issue. Will there ever be a Meat Addicts Anonymous. They pour off the liquid leaving behind--the brown sugar and mollases.. Then--the liquid is allowed to dry into a white powder. It used to be done with bone char, but it has falling out of favor. We usually just talk about salt in general. Yes, white sugar is bleached, with sulfur dioxide. At that time there was only one brand that was doing it a different way – HAG. What do vegans eat at Thanksgiving with the family? even if they may not be perfectly safe for your waistline. Is this true? Hello, just found your article. It must be a process where its cooked--then they add a liquid../. The explanation for the white colour is simply the extra processing. So it hasn’t been bleached – it has just been further purified. Its not bleached white. So be other brands abandoned the dichloromethane and now also use supercritical CO2. Amber is the natural colour of sugar. After much searching, I did find one video where that particular factory used different chemicals to help the molasses separate from the sugar crystals, but these chemicals weren't peroxide or bleach solely utilized for cosmetics; they were agents that help to clean debris and molasses off the sugar grains (which are naturally "white" or colorless). It gets its white color from carbon filtration and ion exchange. Then were eating poison. this was a more expensive process, the much safer as the CO2 quickly evaporated. Confectioner’s sugar—refined sugar mixed with cornstarch—made by these companies also involves the use of bone char. So the sugar itself isn't toxic, but I wouldn't want to live near a processing plant.... http://www.ehow.com/info_8698518_chemicals-white-s... http://www.sugar.org/sugar-basics/how-we-get-sugar... there are 2 kinds of brown sugar...One is also called raw sugar and is simply not as refined as white sugar. I was told that white sugar is bleached during processing. Brown sugar is definitely a healthier option than refined white sugar. Still have questions? In other words, white is the natural colour of sugar crystals (sucrose). Sulfur dioxide is indeed a toxic substance, but it evaporates as it … with animal parts too, people say. "The second stage is often executed in heavy sugar-consuming regions such as North America, Europe, and Japan. In my hometown, we grow 4 kinds of rice. Two kinds of sticky rice, one is white and one is purple (a little darker) and two kinds of non-sticky rice, one is brown-ish and one is white. The other kind of brown sugar, the stuff used in baking cookies etc IS white sugar with molasses added. Filtering sugar, stripping the outer coat with chemicals. The explanation for the white colour is simply the extra processing. A lot of the "bleaching" accusations are found in vegan propaganda that was made with the intent to drive down demand for products that use animal products (bone char as carbon for filtering sugar to its cleanest form). It is processed in a completely natural way to maintain as much of the sugarcane's natural nutrition as possible, including vitamins and minerals. It is the form of sugar most often consumed in the sugarcane-producing countries." As it happens, neither of these products have been bleached. Today we know that stripping our food is bad, in the case of white refined sugar it changes chemically for the worst (at least for human health). White sugar is considered a double crystallization sugar. There are many ways to refine sugar. Turbinado sugar is simply spun less than brown sugar and brown sugar is spun less than white granular sugar. As it happens, neither of these products have been bleached. Table salt is one of the harmful bleached foods. The remaining liquid is then peculated though a carbon bed. No, it's coloured. it's bleached. Besides it really is not good for you. Are they really Vegan.. name one which you think is a fake? Eo there you go – white rice and white sugar are perfectly safe to use. It’s available in various sizes for different purposes, such as fine, ultra-fine, etc. The dermatologist said that includes “white flour, white rice”. Yes, white sugar is bleached, with sulfur dioxide. For sugar, all the brown stuff in brown sugar is impurities that are removed as part of the refining process. While there are many types, brown and white sugar are among the most popular varieties. It oxidizes brown when exposed to air, much like apples & bananas do. Next you add phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide, which combine to precipitate calcium phosphate. An activated carbon filter, sometimes made of bone char, decolorises sugar to make it white through an absorption process. it is then heated and dried in large ovens to make that nice white crystal thing people call sugar. In other words, white is the natural colour of sugar crystals (sucrose). yeah of course we're poisoning ourselves, and sugar is so addicting that it's hard to stop. The list includes table salt, white sugar, cow’s milk, refined flour, and margarine. In the second stage, white sugar is produced that is more than 99 percent pure sucrose. White table sugar is a crystalline solid disaccharide, its white because its pretty much pure sucrose. Its not bleached white. Molasses is then added to make brown sugar. Thank you! Sugar is a natural ingredient that has been part of the human diet for thousands of years. When fat is removed, these sugars then represent a higher percentage of the total product weight. And also is brown sugar white sugar with molasses in it? If you have any other information about possible chemicals used in white rice processing, I’d appreciate hearing about that. In this article, we’ll explain why they’re so harmful and also suggest some healthy alternatives to improve your quality of life.

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