At Wood and Beyond, we try to avoid having favourites, but in this particular case, our list of 3 best hardwood decking … Oak responds to finesse rather than brute strength. In very fine decks, especially in dry southern climates, hardwoods such as teak and oak can make a viable surface decking material, where they are often oiled or stained to an elegant … The structure by it self Appeared to be ok. What stood out was they had laid green ply wood then over the top of that they laid red oak … Oak is a strong timber and can withstand a lot of wear making it ideal for high-traffic decking. Oak Decking. Pressure-Treated Wood . As well as creating an outdoor space to relax in, decking not only updates the look of a property but can also increase its market value. The first rule for working with oak is to exercise a lot of patience. Since the wood has been chemically treated to withstand … So there you have it, a good round up of some of the most popular hardwood decking options on the market right now. Decked areas provide usable, solid outdoor space. I got a call today to replace the decking on a small deck. Which is best? Pros: This is by far the most popular option even now, being used on almost 75 percent of all new decks. I showed up and the home owner led me around to a 6' by 8' deck. For instance, when routing an edge on a piece of oak, rather than routing the entire … Oak Decking Properties and Grades.

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