Copyright © University of the People 2020, Giuseppe Zerilli, UK, Computer Science Graduate, Rie Sakurai, Business Administration, Japan, Is a Finance Degree Worth It? As a with any major, it’s important to keep a focus on what it’s like in the job market upon graduation and it’s very fortunate that things look promising for those in this major. Finance majors have only a slightly higher starting salary ($55,609) than accounting majors ($54,838). How about the daily life of an accountant? And for those living in the UK, the average salary is £46,735. You can always learn new skills or improve on rusty ones. Money 101: Top Resources for Finance Majors, The Quintessential Reading List for Finance Students, Personal financial planning for individuals and private organizations. If you’re wondering if a finance degree is worth it, chances are you’re doing your homework before you make the commitment. It’s probably not going to come as a shock to you that a BA or undergraduate degree is the minimum requirement to get a job in the financial field. More companies are investing in outsourcing, meaning they hire people from abroad to provide their financial services. The answer to this question depends on the certain finance job in question. You’ll just need to be realistic and patient. Earning a degree is a big investment — one that takes time, effort, and money. Of course, every job has its own description and duties. The expected salaries may be appealing, but what if the jobs are hard to come by? So maybe the issue of salary won’t be much of a deciding factor there. According to, the average starting salary for finance majors is very dependant on the position and the employer. With today’s technology, all math-related tasks can be done by computers and calculators. The issue of credentials is needless to say a relevant one. So if you decide to change routes, it’s possible. Just as some careers are not a good fit to certain personalities. With a finance degree you can work in: As well as many other financial intermediary companies all employ finance graduates. Here’s a look into a day in the life of a Financial Analyst, which turns out to be a long one. So it’s a valuable website to check out! If you have the entrepreneurial drive in you, a finance degree can be an advantage. You can also volunteer at an organization or take a class. But for the right position, it is definitely worth looking into! Let’s go over everything you need to know before committing to a finance degree. Awesome Ways It Can Impact Your Life. In addition to having a wide range of job opportunities, the jobs that present themselves to you will also be very rewarding from a salary standpoint. Investopedia has a list of the top four most competitive financial careers, which are Controllers, Tax Managers, Accountants, and Analysts. That’s not bad at all! Payscale can show you average salaries for all jobs in almost any country. If you’re interested in a business career then you have an array of college degree options such as business, accounting, or management. According to, there are a number of skills that employers in the finance industry look for. But majoring in finance is a huge commitment and there are important issues to consider before diving in. So let’s see what salaries are like according to the different positions in the finance market. Apparently, it’s one of the top most valuable college degrees with high entry-level wages outside of the tech world. The good news is that considering how vast the job market is with all the available financial jobs, finding a job doesn’t seem like it would be a problem. 3 … "My degree has already helped me in getting a great job at IBM. While a degree never guarantees you a position in your chosen field, it's good to look at the general trends and employment predictions in the industry. And it’s free! As a finance degree is harder to attain, it’s guaranteed to set you apart. There are solutions to this, the University of the People offers a tuition-free MBA program which costs substantial less than traditional universities and the fact it is online makes it flexible to work while you study. Good luck! But which degree is mandatory? And do you need to continue on to do a masters? ", "In the age of information technology and innovation, University of the People is showing us the way". But don’t worry, not all skills come naturally. Earning a degree is a big investment — one that takes time, effort, and money. Aside from career potential, there’s a difference in course content, qualifications, and skills gained. IS TUITION-FREE THE SAME AS FREE LEARNING? Everything you need to know to help you make the decision of whether or not to earn a finance degree. The point is that soft skills are highly valued and are definitely possible to improve on. Earning a degree is a big investment — one that takes time, effort, and money. And think about it this way: if you have all the other credentials, working on your soft skills should be a piece of cake. We definitely recommend checking out job sites and see which finance job interests you most and what’s being offered out there. According to Investopedia, the finance jobs are no longer only in New York and London. Certain careers are well suited to certain personality types. So basically, a finance degree can offer you a lot of options! A2A. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reported that the average starting salary for finance majors was $55,400 in 2014. in Financial … A finance degree can seem glamorous, with all the Hollywood movies about Wall Street. As you can see above, finance careers are growing. Those are just ten. Sounds pretty cool! So that means that the more you work in finance, the more experience you gain, and eventually the more valuable you will become to a potential employer. Being able to distinguish yourself with a finance degree will help you when searching for jobs, especially from a large number of business majors. Good idea. Let’s get real. Finance and math seem to go hand in hand. For example, careers in financial analysis are to grow by 23 percent, financial management by 14 percent, and financial advising by 32 percent. The bottom line is that accounting is quite narrow and finance is more versatile, with careers spanning different industries like business, economics, and banking. Some other interesting finance careers include: Entertainment Accountant, CIA Economic Analyst, and FBI Forensic Accountant. Rather, they are moving to all the countries that have growth potential, like Asia, India, and the Middle East. Remember, you must have a working permit to work overseas. Finance majors are placed into a very fortunate position that keeps options available to continue to grow unhindered from many circumstances that have impacted others. There are options, however, that are more directed to specific careers. Does this mean that you can’t pursue a career in finance? It’s normal to have these thoughts and it’s good to ask these kind of questions before you get into it. If you're interested in more than just a consumer-level knowledge of these and other complex financial concepts, you may want to pursue a finance degree program. Finance as a Growing Profession. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. This also means that the variety of careers opportunities are growing as well. Why Study Art History? Like in most careers, you almost never start in your dream job. Anyone can get a business degree or do accounting, but in order to be in a finance career you must be outgoing and inquisitive. The opportunities will continue to present themselves as the economy continues to recover. Did you know that the average salary for a finance major in the US is $60,000? It’s worth checking them out too. Everything You Need to Know, Simone Biles, Olympic Champion, Business Administration, The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 10 Phone Interview Tips to Get You to the Next Round.

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