Although cheese is frequently vilified for its high saturated fat content, new research has revealed that it may not have the negative health impact we have all come to assume. Reply. When choosing to eat cheese, it is best to consider the fat content of each type and select accordingly. Hi Mark, I’ve been a regular visitor to your site for last 2 months or so! Cheese is Very Salty. 3. Mozzarella cheese, for example, only contains about 6 grams of fat per serving. If you keep your serving sizes in check and choose a healthy cheese, your body may benefit. Cheese has a bad rap, but it can be healthy. Awesome stuff and it all really makes sense. One ounce of semi-soft goat cheese has 6 grams of saturated fat, which makes up approximately 29% of the daily value. But the evidence seems to shift about whether or not cheese should be part of a healthy diet. However, cheese is also generally high in calories and fat. The Swiss-type cheeses with the bacteria-gas holes have by far the most K2. Cheddar cheese is an excellent source of beneficial, essential nutrients. Here are the healthiest cheese picks to add to your grocery list. One health benefit of white cheddar cheese is that it is very low in carbohydrates, with less than .5 grams per ounce. Almost everyone loves a good vegemite and cheddar sandwich or some brie with a glass of wine. Cheddar cheese has little K2, whereas Emmenthaler and Jarlsberg have a lot. I’m glad you’re realistic about our modern lifestyle too and inlcude some loopholes! Cheddar Cheese Nutrients. As Jonah Soolman, RD, told Health via email, “We might use cheese and their vegan alternatives in similar fashions, but that does not mean they are nutritionally the same. Cheddar cheese, in moderation, can be part of a well-balanced, healthy meal plan. This makes white cheddar cheese suitable for even the lowest carbohydrate diets, which can be of particular interest if you're trying to lose weight. Cheeses to watch out for include goat cheese, feta cheese and blue cheese. Reduced-fat varieties of cheddar cheese are also available. Cheeses like Brie and Sharp Cheddar tend to contain more like 9 grams of fat. mattigee 11 years ago . Here are Health magazine's picks for the healthiest cheeses in your supermarket.

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