Jace, Memory Adept feels right at home in Innistrad, and flavor-wise, it makes sense for Garruk, Liliana, and Sorin to be included. Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions. So, basically what I’m saying is: Don’t be surprised if some of the cards I mentioned above aren’t in the actual list. I didn’t forget white and blue, the usual Spirit colors. With the blue Zombies in Innistrad, you’ll also want to make sure there are enough self-mill enablers such as Armored Skaab and Screeching Skaab. Create Sealed Help | Discord Server | We did our first Innistrad cube draft last week, and it was a resounding success. Teysa is a card that I’m pretty excited to see in action, and I can definitely see W/B Humans/Spirits being a strong deck. None of these tribes has ever been a Tier 1 Constructed deck, so there shouldn’t be anything too overpowering. Any advice or testing would be greatly appreciated. I’m satisfied with having Werewolves be a sub-tribe, but Immerwolf still provides incentive to pick up as many as you can. I have fond memories of drafting R/G spiritcraft in Kamigawa block, but I’ll get to that in the Spirits section. If you’re like I am and don’t like to spend a lot of money on Magic cards, this Cube (and the Full Mirrodin Cube I posted before) is right for you. Interaction with the other tribes and flavor were my biggest considerations, and any of the Angels or Demons from Innistrad block will fit the bill nicely. Feeds | Alara block has a lot to offer as well, as the unearth mechanic works very well with self-mill. Darkthicket Wolf. The last one is a flavor fail and is cut from my Cube for that reason alone, but if you want to build something similar, you can do what you want. This site is unaffiliated. Tribal Cubes are usually difficult to balance, as some tribes are much better than others, like Goblins and Elves for instance, but I’m hoping to avoid that particular problem with these particular tribes. I ended up 4-0’ng with a pretty nice U/G deck featuring double Elder of Laurels and triple(!!!) I’ll go over each tribe and describe my overall design philosophy when choosing cards. What I wanted to create is a fun small cube to draft with my friends. There are a few cards that make Wolf tokens such as Master of the Wild Hunt, Wolfbriar Elemental, and Tolsimir Wolfblood. Terms of Use | I've been putting together an Innistrad-only set cube. Exalted Angel is one of my favorites, and there’s even a Whipcorder to go along with it for those of you who remember the old Whipcorder-fake-out shenanigans. TAGS articles, casual, analysis, development, deck lists, block, cube, innistrad, nassim ketita, Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates and offers, Another Top Ten New Cards from Commander Legends, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: A Magic the Gathering Puzzle. Grinning Demon is a card that would fit in very well, what with all the other morph creatures, but I would prioritize having good Vampires and Zombies over Demons. The basic geist gist of it is that it’s a tribal Cube with the tribes of Innistrad supported: Humans, Spirits, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, and to a lesser degree Angels and Demons. There was still room for some sweet non-Innistrad cards to sneak through. Draft this Cube 6 of each common, 3 uncommons, 2 rares, 1 mythic. My usual rule of “No Sol Ring” still applies, and nothing ridiculously broken is allowed. There’s a good selection of cheap flyers and ways to hold down the ground, such as Waxmane Baku. Obviously, it won’t cost you that to build it from scratch, but this Cube is composed mostly of commons and uncommons, so it’s much easier on the wallet than many Cubes. Contact | What I wanted to create is a fun small cube to draft with my friends. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. I briefly talked about it in my last Cube article, and here it is, ready to be unleashed to the world.. It’s still possible to draft durdly control decks, and I wanted self-mill/Spider Spawning/Burning Vengeance to still be a thing. Stromkirk Captain is what I would go with, as Captivating Vampire and Vampire Nocturnus are a bit too swingy for my tastes. This is the first rough draft of the cube and would like for people to test out the cube or look at the list. Copy. This is a subtheme, so there are fewer Angels and Demons than the other tribes, with the possible exception of Werewolves. I’m not a huge fan of the mechanic, but like it or not, it is a part of Innistrad, so it’s on theme. You’re not meant to copy the list card-for-card anyway; it’s just there as a guideline. Here are my top picks for Cube from Shadows over Innistrad. Maybe you want to build a tribal cube or a Gothic horror cube. These two colors should have a lot of options, so I’m not bothered by the lack of Werewolves. trying to put together a block cube from Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and Avacyn Restored Shadows over Innistrad is a perfect starting point for those. Archangel Avacyn Deadapult is awesome, and Invasion block has some nice ones, such as Grave Defiler, Nightscape Battlemage, and Pyre Zombie. I don’t own a ton of cards, but I was still able to build this Cube for less than $20. Open pack Gideon Jura becomes a Human, so that has some neat synergies. So without further ado, here’s the Cube list. Ever draw four cards with an Elder Pine of Jukai, trade with a creature, and bring back Strangleroot Geist?

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