Sports 13. Q. He has a great impact on my life. Q. Q. Prepare for your test by developing ideas for topics and practicing answering questions. While cars take larger spaces to be parked into, bicycles do not. Hi, I am looking for a speaking partner. However, we like to eat at a restaurant whenever we have special occasions to celebrate. If you spend 2 of those minutes answering a simple question on, for example, where you live, there won’t be time for all the questions and you’ll miss out on some of the marks. Do you have many friends? By using our website and services, you agree to our use of cookies. [Why? ]Answer: Yes, I absolutely believe that bicycles are suitable for people of all age groups. How do people learn to play games in your country?Answer:  I think most of the people in my country learn to play different games in their childhood and their family, classmates and friends have a great role in teaching these games to them. Q. [What was it? I'll take the IELTS exam this September, so need a serious partner. For anyone, his/her name is quite unique and significantly important. Practicing the general questions frequently can make it possible to build up your speaking skills and improve your score. Do you think it’s important for people to play games? Another country I want to visit is France. How easy would it be to learn to play an instrument without a teacher? assessed on. ]Answer:  If someone asks me firsts and I feel like being captured in a photo, I do not mind. You know what? I often compliment her and inspire her to start a restaurant in the city and she always laughs hearing this. I’m 100% satisfied. Hi there, my name is Kumar, and I need a speaking partner. It was widely used when I was a child and I have seen so many people using bicycles to reach their destinations. Here we have listed some of the most common topics along with the examiner's questions you are likely to encounter in the IELTS Speaking Part 1. Is your name common or unusual in your country?Answer:  Statistically speaking, this is not a very common name. Some of the common topics and question that you can expect to encounter in your speaking test part 1 are given below for your preparation for the test. Q. You can contact me via email - riaz.mozumder88@gmai If you spend 2 of those minutes answering a simple question on, for example, where you live, there won’t be time for all the questions and you’ll miss out on some of the marks. Question: How long have you been learning English? IELTS Speaking Practice: Massively improve your speaking skills by learning how to think in English. You'll find Reyhaneh S. Let's work together so it changes yours too. [Why?] Name 2. How often do you go out with friends? Do you sometimes prefer to send a text message instead of telephoning? I'm looking for an active IELTS speaking partner. 'Work' is one of the most common topics in IELTS speaking part 1. For instance, if I'm in a meeting or in a crowded place, I would prefer SMS than phone calls. It is only by TV program 8. Hassan also has a good command of the English language but he doesn’t actually answer the question. Do you think it’s important to keep in contact with friends you knew as a child? Q. ]Answer: To be honest, family comes first. Thanks. IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Hometown, Village, Living place, City, Tourism, Country IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Home, Family, Friends (Question-Answer) Cue Card 2020 #19: Describe a uniform you wear (at your school or company) Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? Games are highly entertaining and beneficial for our health. Some of the best photos that I took were taken in unknown places where people posed for my camera. If I’d had the chance to read this book 7 years ago, my job would be very different now." The easiest way to add extra information to a simple answer is to include an explanation. However, this was the final step they went through to pick my name. This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best user experience on our website. If you do use a memorised answer, it will be obvious to the examiner. Hi, I am looking for a speaking partner. Q. [Why/Why not? Ensure you don't make these common mistakes: The examiner wants to hear you talk, so giving single word or very short answers to questions isn’t going get you many marks. Q. He was tall and brave. Apart from that, I like buttered popcorn, pizza, Indian Masala dosa, Mexican Tacos, doughnuts and sandwich - a mixture of many foreign food items actually. I am going to take the test in the month of December. IELTS Speaking Test has three parts part 1, part 2 and part 3. Do you watch cookery programmes on TV? I am interested to be your speaking partner. What is IELTS speaking part 1? There are hundreds of possible questions the examiner could ask so you can’t predict what you’ll get, but they will come from just a handful of topics. your IELTS Speaking Part 2 talk & top tips for gaining extra marks. Q. Q. Q. The questions in this part include familiar topics such as home, family, work, studies and interests. If you like going out in the evening there are a lot of good restaurants and bars. You are bound to be nervous during your test, especially at the start. [Why? Q. Q. IELTS is a registered trademark of University of Cambridge, the British Council, and IDP Education Australia. [Why? In answer 2, the question has been paraphrased with the synonym ‘abroad’, and ‘to travel to’ has been used instead of ‘visit’. Thanks & Regards - Aradhana. Q. I have my IELTS test in the coming month. May I know if anyone is interested in talking for 30 minutes in the evening time to discuss any topic to improve the English speaking language? Do you think that bicycles are suitable for all ages? the pre-test introduction. When I pass the exam, I'll meet up with my mates most evenings like I used to do and spend weekends with them as well. Q. IELTS Speaking Practise Questions – FREE Download. Do you play any games? 120 Part 1 questions. How did your parents choose your name(s)?Answer:  I learned that they were inspired by a name they found in the book and they took the surname from my grandfather. IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topics, Questions & Samples. One particular friend, who I believe would be a truly great friend and completely reliable, is hard to find but will remain my buddy for a long time while many other friends would be for a short span of time. Q. As dining out in a restaurant offers my mom plenty of time to socialise rather than getting stuck in the kitchen, my father and I often insist her to go to an eatery on occasions like wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Q. lots more IELTS Speaking Par1 questions to practise with on the topic We have been living in our neighbourhood for more than a decade and our neighbours have become our close relatives. Words expressing frequency are invaluable for developing answers. You’ll need to speak for about 4-5 minutes continuously after which you’ll be asked a few personal questions. The river was close to the location where I was born and I believe my parents wanted me to be as big as a river! ]Answer:  I think it's a tough question to answer. However, there are some friends who become our family members. Learn more about our Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy. Do you play any games? If you are active, kindly contact me at +88 017 8037 6969. My English level is intermediate and I'm looking for a speaking partner. And be sure lots more IELTS Speaking Par1 questions to practise with on the topic Which of these answers to this question is the best? ]Answer:  I do not use a landline that much except for some official purposes, but I use a mobile phone very extensively and daily. 'Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum' that she gave me was expensive and I really appreciate her gift. In part 1 of the Speaking test, the examiner will ask 4-6 general questions on familiar topics. Besides, it's a token of appreciation and a good gesture as a guest. ]Answer:  I believe schools should have the facility for the interested students who want to learn to sing and play a musical instrument, but it should not be forced to all.

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