Having more light on a white background than on your subject is the key to creating a pure white background. You can take multiple photos of the same subject at different angles or different body postures and combine them later in post processing. Even within the style of white background photography, there are many different looks depending on the source of light and the way it is manipulated during the shoot. The sheet needs to be elevated 30-40cm above ground level, where the backlight speedlite will be placed. You can verify this by turning on the highlight clipping alert to blink on your camera menu. How to Upload Photos to Facebook at the Best Quality Possible, Rule of Thirds in Photography: Composition Tips. Backlit white background photography is very suitable for photographing small animals like insects, arachnids, amphibians, and reptiles. There are many different types of acrylic varying on their translucence (the range is usually between 50%-70% opacity). Wildlife photography is often attributed to animals photographed in a natural setting. If you want to invest a little more, you can make your own stage from PVC pipes and some connectors. Clone out any particles that made it into the background: sand grains, dirt, scales, or hairs. I used a big, white piece of paper as the background for this portrait of my twin nieces because anything natural for a background would have clashed with their colourful outfits. With some skittish insects and reptiles you will get only one shot at photographing. However, there are times when photographing against a solid white or black background is beneficial. Out of the camera, the photos often look washed out but details in the mid-tones and blacks can be restored as long as the lighting was set correctly. In this video I am gonna show two techniques how to Light a product to get a nice wrapping white background. Out of the camera, the photos often look washed out but details in the mid-tones and blacks can be restored as long as the lighting was set correctly. You want to use the lowest output that blows out the highlights in the background. A sheet of A4 size is most suitable and easy to carry. Gil Wizen is a naturalist and photographer who has a great affection for small creatures. Make sure you know what you are dealing with, Do not keep the subject in the collecting container for an extended period of time. Only then you should contrast and colour-correct the subject. What’s the Best Camera for Landscape Photography? Luminar vs Lightroom Comparison: Which Software is Best? It is sometimes helpful to cover a hyperactive subject with a container for a minute or so until it calms down. An integral part of the backlit white background photography is the white acrylic sheet (or perspex). How to Selectively Reduce Noise in Luminar 2018 & Luminar 3. For most of my work, I use a Canon 7D Mark II, two 580EXII speedlites, and a Yongnuo YN-622C trigger with a couple of receivers. Product photography: How to make a perfect white background In this article, I will focus on backlit white background photography, which is different from other methods by achieving a pure white background around the entire subject and thus eliminating its shadow. Most modern cameras and speedlite flashes have built-in wireless capabilities, but in case it is missing from your system a set of radio triggers is inexpensive. Shutter speed and ISO can be set to your personal preference, but it is recommend to use the highest flash synch speed and the lowest possible ISO level. Then, adjust the backlight speedlite. Anything can be used as a base – for example a plastic bin, your backpack, or even a couple of wooden logs or rocks found nearby. This can be a useful tool for cataloging biodiversity, showcasing colour patterns and textures, and for emphasising special features important for species identification. First, make sure that the background is pure white across all colour channels (R 255, G 255, B 255). Avoid including the background. How to Find Your Camera’s Shutter Actuation Count, Digital camera and lens with macro capabilities. 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You want just enough light to reveal details in your subject without overwhelming it. Your diffused flash should be placed directly over the acrylic sheet using a tripod or handheld as close as possible, while still allowing you access to photograph. 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