A pizza stone is a flat slab of stone or ceramic that sits inside on your oven rack, where it soaks up and, more importantly, holds onto heat. To combat this, heat up your pizza stone and oven at the same time. Yes, they are made of stone or ceramic, but pizza stones do not require “seasoning.” Seasoning involves applying oil or other liquids to a porous kitchen utensil, either before or after use (or both). Never Season Your Stone. The biggest drawback in familiarizing yourself with your stone and your oven will be how much cornmeal to dust on the stone before cooking. Your stone will become naturally seasoned by cooking pizza on it … This is a huge misconception in the world of pizza stones. Some people say that you need to season a pizza stone with oil like you would a cast iron skillet. Because unbaked pizza dough rests directly on it, the hot stone transmits its heat to the bottom of the crust, just like the floor of a wood-fired oven. If you stick a cold pizza stone in a hot oven, there is a good chance it will crack and become useless. The best tool to get a pizza stone out of the oven is a pizza paddle which is a large wooden handle that looks like a paddle which slides underneath the pizza and can bring the stone out. These rumors are completely false, and I would highly recommend ignoring that advice. The biggest mistake many first-time pizza stone users make is failing to heat up their pizza stone before cooking. Your pizza stone will never require seasoning. 1. Does a Pizza Stone Need to Be Seasoned?

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