But if you’re grabbing a pizza from the freezer tonight, don’t fear. Once your frozen pizza … That's not a way to have a meal. All you can accomplish by adding fresh ingredients is to make THEM taste worse. Better frozen pizza can be a matter of sourcing the right brand, or simply employing clever upgrades and hacks.To that end, here are six easy tips to make any freezer pizza taste homemade. But is the convenience of that pizza enough to make … Make your frozen pizza taste better with these 8 frozen pizza hacks. Add variety to the cheese. Whole … Instead of eating frozen pizza, order pizza … Suffice to say, even the finest ingredients won’t save a bland pizza. Most frozen pizzas come with frozen cheese. Knowing how to make frozen pizza better might feel like a dark art that only the pros can conjure up.. To make a cheesier, more gourmet taste, add a fresh choice of your choosing. Frozen pizza has come a long way since its inception in the 1950s, but there are still some that taste like cardboard. RELATED: Crazy Good Homemade Garlic Butter! It’s Friday at 6 p.m.—you’ve had a long week at work and that pizza you have stashed in the back of the freezer is calling your name. I'm sorry, but I honestly don't think there's anything that can make frozen pizza better. Necessity is the mother of invention and whether you’re eating ready-made to save time, effort or money, there are so many ways to improve the taste.

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