As soon as your basil plant is 6 to 8 inches tall, you can start harvesting leaves. Once you have obtained the seed, soak it … The basil variety, ‘Lettuce Leaf’ originated in Japan and is notable, as the name suggests, for its enormous leaf size, giving the basil devotee more than ample amounts of the sweet herb. Obtain proper seed stock from an online nursery or if you live in the Amazon, of course, you can harvest directly from the rain forest. You can freeze the leaves on cookie sheets and, once froze, pack them into an airtight container. Cut close to the tip to encourage the basil plant to fill out and grow bushy. See more ideas about Harvesting basil, Seeds, Basil seeds. Simply snap a few off, or cut them using small scissors. Learn some tips on growing, caring for and using this basil here. Then I remove the leaves from the stem, I keep the leaves whole, but cut out the vain (it helps the drying process). Harvesting basil, biting into tiny sun gold tomatoes, feeling my skin warm under the bright sun, drinking iced tea: these are the things I think of when I think of summer's bounty. Basil can be dried or frozen for use after harvest. How to harvest basil leaves and branches. To harvest seeds, snip the entire flower stalk once the pods start to brown. Ask questions to be certain that you are getting healthy, raw seed for planting, not eating. Next to cilantro, basil … I harvest by cutting the basil above the nodes, I start with several stems of basil. (This is my preferred method.) If you like to cook with basil and olive oil, blend fresh basil with your favorite olive oil and portion it into an ice tray for freezing. Frozen basil has a stronger basil flavor than dried but at the cost of texture. If you plan on saving seeds, be sure to keep different basil varieties away from each other by at least 100 feet to avoid cross-pollination. Use frozen basil in cooked dishes. Aug 20, 2016 - Explore Monica Perkins's board "basil .. how to harvest seeds" on Pinterest. I grow several types of basil and I mix them together to dry them. Harvest basil by the stem as noted in the images in the article, trimming stems just above lower branching points. I store it whole in glass jars, and crush as I use it. Or you can freeze them with a little olive oil. Dried basil is convenient but at the cost of some flavor. How to Harvest and Use Basil Seeds. Place in a paper bag until the entire stem browns and give the bag a good shake to loosen the seeds. The flavor is the best I've ever tasted and smelled!

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