Appearance Glossy, round canopy of dark green leaves year-round. Fertilize the growing tree. Feed the tree with a balanced fertilizer, such as 6-6-6, twice a year. Feed the tree once in early spring and once in early fall. Clementine trees grow and bloom best outdoors in tropical regions, but the trees can also thrive in colder climates, where they can be moved indoors during the winter. This is especially important during the first few years, before the tree starts bearing fruit. An easy way is to use one light on a tree for 24 hours at a time. All grow lights get hot. How to grow citrus plants in a container or pot for healthy tree growth and citrus fruit. If you live in an area that gets colder than 20 degrees, plant your trees in containers and bring them indoors when it gets cold. You can easily use one grow light for 1-3 trees. A farm growing tangerine, another popular small fruit similar to mandarins. Clementine Trees are recommended for growing zones 8 through 11 and are cold hardy down to about 20 degrees. Growing a clementine tree is as simple as growing other citrus trees, but it requires maintenance, care and patience until the tree flowers and bears fruit. The mandarin orange tree grows well-known, delicious citrus fruits also referred and closely related to “tangerines” and “clementines”. We have found the majority of grow lights on Amazon to have disturbing safety profiles. 7. Also, keep in mind that the soil of the tree needs to be watered regularly, as it prefers a moist soil, but always remove the extra water from the tray. Some Clementines and other citrus trees are even cultivated as bushes rather than trained to grow on one leader as a tree. Orange trees are heavy feeders and need lots of nutrients. The clementine tree will need constant sunlight to grow, so make sure you place it near a window or in a spot where it can get enough sunlight over the day. Clementines may … We prefer SANSI because they use ceramic sinks to dissipate the heat. Specifications. These trees do extremely well in pots and indoors. Furthermore, do Clementines grow on trees? Clementine trees can grow up to 25 feet tall, but they are typically pruned to 6-10 feet, especially if they are planted in a container or grafted from dwarf rootstock.

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