Finally. The Children's Needs Come First. Even if California parents who are ending their marriage would like to avoid a custody battle, in some cases, it might not be possible. I was denied picking up my kids from school, going to there recitals and plays, doctor information, kindergarten graduation and being a part of there birthdays. If the adults do not agree on custody arrangements for their children, a nasty fight can develop. A child custody battle is not a pleasant situation for anyone involved. Custody and Visitation. There is no cookie cutter manual to child custody litigation. Parents are already emotionally and financially strained if in the midst of a divorce and children are facing a future of living in a broken family. Going through a divorce is a battle on its own, but factor in children and you can have a full-blown war on your hands. If it looks like there is the potential for a custody fight with your spouse, try to work it out without going to court. How to fight for child custody. Many of those who read it have reported to me that not only did they love it but they gained a much better understanding of California custody law and procedure as a result. I would never do such things to the other parent because the child would be the one to suffer. Here’s how to win a custody battle when fighting is your only option! On behalf of Law Office of Chandra E. Miller | Apr 19, 2017 | Child Custody. California child custody laws: This is a very comprehensive guide on California child custody. Losing custody of your children is a heart-wrenching experience for any parent. Novices tend to get confused between the terms ‘custody’ and ‘placement.’ It is important to get the basic difference between the two correct to know exactly what you’re in for. The truth is, fighting for custody takes knowledge of the legalities involved and a lot of common sense. It's difficult to accept the idea that the court believes your children would be better off with someone else, whether that's your ex, your parents, or in the foster care system. When there are children involved, you must decide if a custody battle is necessary or not. Have you found yourself fighting for custody of your children? 2. Another thing I often tell a parent fighting over custody is to think about his or her parents. I am currently fight for custody but the other parent has lied about so much and manipulated the children.

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