© Nettles Sausage — Country Made by Country Folks 190 SW County Road 240 • Lake City, Florida 32025 +1.386.752.2510 Privacy Policy /Terms of Use Featured in: This is your standard prep when dealing with nettles. When Nettlesome Becomes Nice. Bye, bye formic acid, hello delicious green thing. Salt the pasta water and begin cooking the pasta. Nettles are especially beloved among both my real ancestors, the Scots, and my adopted countrymen the Italians. Second, for some reason the fishy aroma disappeared after cooking. Joe Nettles, Seth’s son, took the business over and ran it until 2002 when he retired. Dunno why. Here is the corrected nettle ravioli recipe. Filed Under: Foraging, Pasta, Risotto, Gnocchi, Spring Recipes Tagged With: Foraging, italian recipes, pasta recipes, veggies. The combination was smooth, rich, and the nettles lost any fishy aroma and added that “green” taste you expect from wild things. I happen to be reading a book called the Encyclopedia of Pasta so I flipped to the index to look up nettles. Welcome to Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, the internet's largest source of recipes and know-how for wild foods. I am not a tea drinker, so that held no interest for me. If it's breakfast sausage, I do sawmill gravy. So Josh and a friend went out, glove on one hand and clippers in the other, to a nettle patch. Stephen Scott Gross for The New York Times. Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. But always that green. Of course, with all that brown goodness at the bottom, you're pretty much obliged to make a sauce. The pasta that emerged from flour, eggs, salt and chopped nettles was greener than a leprechaun’s daydream of Ireland. I added to this my pretty classic recipe for nettle pesto, thinned out with a little more olive oil to make it more saucy. When faced with a new ingredient I always eat it as simply as possible before delving too deeply. How to Properly Cook a Sausage? Store blanched leaves in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days, or you can dry them well and freeze them in a sealed bag. Still beguiled by that fishy thing, I decided to make a riff off a salmon with walnut pesto dish I made a year ago. Can I say I had to force myself to stop eating all the filling? God… it could be one of Rachel Ray’s “30 Minute Meals.”. In the pasta book I am reading it tells of a nettle pasta from Emilia Romagna called strettine. Now everyone and their mother makes a nettle soup or nettle tea. straight list of all my nettle and wild greens recipes, Langdon Cook at Fat of the Land has written a lot on nettles. Unfortunately I rolled out the pasta too thin and they were pretty ugly — the green shone through the pasta too much, in my opinion. I mixed the prepared nettles with some leftover roasted potatoes and some mascarpone cheese, plus black pepper and salt. He wrote about his adventure here. Not write home-about grand, but definitely good enough to make again. kind of green. Visually stunning, the noodles had some al dente bite to them because of their thickness, and the sauce packed so much flavor even the little bit I dressed the pasta with was enough; in Italy, sauce on pasta is a condiment, and I think I achieved this effect here. The plan was to make a nettle beer ala Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall . Add a couple tbs of water, cover and cook until done. Unlike acorns, there is no shortage of information about the benefits of  Urtica dioica, the common stinging nettle. So I grabbed a big bunch of nettles with tongs and dunked it in my biggest stockpot, which was filled with salty water and boiling furiously. OK. Italians, as it happens, use nettles a lot. Gloucester – This meaty sausage, classically made from Gloucester Old Spot pork, has a high fat ratio for a succulent end product.

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