EQ bumps or dips in the frequency response built into a crossover that are specific to the driver, enclosure and amp? The room’s acoustic properties are also to be considered because you will get poor performance if you set up even a high-quality subwoofer in a room with poor acoustic properties. How do you connect a subwoofer up if there's no subwoofer output available on your equipment? Hi Paul, If you have an immediate question email us. Thanks for your time and I appreciate your incredibly informative site!!!! However, it’s not just all about subwoofers. The best way to connect the sub is to get a subwoofer with a high level input and then run a set of speaker cables from the output of your receiver or power amplifier to those inputs. There are really only two scenarios when we recommend using the Low Level input rather than the High Level input. Head onto the back of your powered subwoofer and find the left and right high-level input ports. His hobbies include hiking, skiing, cooking, artisan bread baking. © 2020 PS Audio - Boulder, Colorado, USA, After labeling the subject, here's where you type in your actual question for Paul. So aside from the subwoofer itself, you still need to consider some other factors before you do your set up so you can achieve best results. I wonder if some systems would benefit more from the reduced low frequency “work” placed on the main amp and speakers than the benefit of the matched amplifier output to sub and main speakers. Nicola. If so, how should I connect the sub to the M700 using the High Level imputs om the subs. He lives in Boulder Colorado with his wife Terri and his four sons: Lon, Sean, Scott and Rob. I seem to remember that it is still possible to hook up the speaker output of the amplifier to the line-level input of the sub provided a big enough resistor is put in between. What cables should one use ? It makes a difference and in my experience, more than just a subtle one. If every amp has it’s own signature sound, wouldn’t the subs built in amp have it’s own signature sound? My own system is Anthem AVN -60 which is a surround sound processor my subwoofer do not have high level imput So I guest my option is to use a y connecter from front l and r out to the subwoofer then I guest another y splitter for it go to r/l stereo input of the subwoofer as when i use XLR input the the rca is disabled . In this scenario I haven’t found much of a difference with different wires. It has my blood pumping all over again. We’re delighted you’ve gotten the bug again. All you have to do is connect your powered subwoofer’s line level input (or LFE input if there are two line level inputs) to the T1’s smart subwoofer output using a cable with RCA connectors on both ends. Sign In to Reply. Step 3: Connect the Sub Output Port to the Amplifiers Input Now, connect the sub output to the input port from the amplifier. If space and funds permit another option is a high quality out board crossover. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If your subwoofer has speaker level inputs built-in you’re in great shape! Would it really make that much of a difference to feed the sub with the speaker outputs of the amp instead of a line level from the pre-amp? If all you have is one subwoofer, it's easy: feed it from the Subwoofer or LFE (low-frequency effects) output of your preamp or receiver. A subwoofer with speaker-level inputs is especially easy to connect to your older amplifier or receiver! Don't subscribe I have two Audio Physic Rhea 2 subwoofers and two M700 amps. In addition an active subs amp’s sonic signature would be overlaid upon the main power amps would it not? How do I get signal to a sub? To do this, run a pair of speaker wires in parallel for each connection. You’re referring to something like the old JBL BX63a crossover that was designed specifically for their B460 passive sub and not a stand alone unit like a DBX or Rane active crossover? Should I hook the sub up to the B speaker outputs and just run a passive sub (or an active sub with High Level inputs)? Set your preamp or receiver to "Small" for your other speakers. It’s not that I don’t like electronic crossovers, it’s just that I don’t like them as an afterthought. Do I just go from the preamp OR is there a way to meet your recommendation for getting the amplifier’s sound signature from the 2-channel amp? Great! Correct me if wrong. I have found a cheap yet decent sub on ebay to pair it with (Dali sub E-9F), but this sub does not feature high-level input. You can view his efforts at http://www.paulmcgowan.com. The Low Level input is … The best way to accomplish this is by using banana … If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Great! Reply. How to Connect a Mono Subwoofer. Yes, in parallel with the sub outputs IF your sub has a high level input. (pun intended.) That said, I’d be interested in adding a subwoofer to the mix. Step 4: Connect the Speakers If the designer uses them designing the speaker in the first place then they are actually better. I am setting up a vintage system, in which the integrated amplifier (Technics SU-7700) does not feature pre-out or sub-out.

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