Disease Overview Of The Urinary Tract In Exotic Companion Mammals And Tips On Clinical Management. Surgery is the only alternative to remove stones too large to pass through the urethra. Any time surgery is performed risks are involved. Guinea pigs can get a pyometra (which literally means pus in the uterus) just like dogs and cats do and it is caused by a bad infection. When the pig is pressed hard with the hands on either side of her back she will stand still, showing she is ready to accept the male. Lake Howell Animal Clinic, 2020, Bladder Stones in Guinea Pigs. Is there a vet in your area that will see mini pigs? Peeing in front of her favorite people is one of the things un-spayed little girl pigs do. Experts also recommend bringing the other guinea pigs along with the sick guinea pig to the hospital in order to help keep her calm. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is your best resource for any poison-related emergency, 24/7, 365. The information presented within our information and resources section has been collected from what we consider experts and various reputable persons including vets, sanctuary owners, and private pig owners among others. Information shown is the latest available. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. This makes keeping intact piglets together beyond 8 weeks of age risky as siblings can easily impregnate each other. Cycles and Heat Determination. They should be at least 6-8 weeks of age and weaned from mom. Outside female pigs get the urge to roam in search of the perfect man. There have been many cases where one testicle was missed as they are hidden within the pigs body. The truth is that the potbellied pig is only a good pet for those who take commitment and responsible pet ownership very seriously. Males can be neutered as early as one month old. If your female is not yet spayed, she may be feeling quite sexy and proud of being a girl. It is hard to tell on a male pig just by looking if he has been neutered or not. It is possible the bleeding could still be from your guinea pig's uterus, but if that's the case, it is not normal. Veterinary Clinics Of North America: Exotic Animal Practice, vol 23, no. Spayed females have a lower chance of developing mammary tumors, and the possibility of uterine infections also called Pyometra or ovarian cancer as they age. Make sure your vet gets both testicles.   Antibiotics are not strong enough to fight off that bad of an infection, so emergency surgery to spay the guinea pig is the only cure. The female pig coming into heat is restless and may not eat. Thank you! Although they may have the same body parts as humans, dogs, and other species that bleed during their estrus cycles, bleeding during heat is not normal for guinea pigs. A $65 per case fee may apply. She naturally wants to reproduce and nature blinds her to everything else because of raging hormones. Peeing is one way of sharing her scent and spreading the word about her condition. These crystals are formed from changes in the pH of the urine and some research suggests that a diet high in calcium is also at fault. If this is the case, surgery is once again what is required to see if the tumor can be removed. This can be used to help synchronize farrowing dates in small herds so that animals are farrowing around the same time, and can be weaned of piglets (and therefore bred for their next litter) at the same time. 8 to 12 weeks is the usual time or when the piglet weighs in at about 10 to 12 lbs. Infections, tumors, and uroliths (bladder stones) are some issues that can cause bleeding. A mass or tumor, whether or not it's cancerous, on any part of a guinea pig's reproductive tract or urinary tract may cause her to pass blood. Read our, The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. An exotics vet will rule out bladder stones by taking radiographs. Disease Overview Of The Urinary Tract In Exotic Companion Mammals And Tips On Clinical Management, Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. They are intelligent, caring creatures who depend on you for their survival. Fewer pigs in animal shelters, rescue centers and sanctuaries. Any health related information presented below should be checked out with your personal veterinarian. Un-neutered male pigs become sexually active at about two months old and you do NOT want an un-neutered male pig as a household pet! And the heat cycles last about 3-5 days. Don't be stubborn or worse, ignorant. They will have a heat cycle every month for the rest of their lives. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our, Guinea Pig Musts: Must Have and Must Not Items, Eye Infections and Problems in Guinea Pigs, The 8 Best Cat Foods for Urinary Tract Health in 2020. She may have a serious problem with her ovaries, uterus, or even her bladder. The mass may be irritating to whatever organ it is attached to or may have even started bleeding itself, and the guinea pig is just passing the blood. They get downright ornery during their... time! Female Guinea pigs have a uterus like every other female mammal that hasn't been surgically altered. When girls are not spayed they can become sexually frustrated and aggressive due to heat cycles every 21 days. Both sexes experience less of a need for territorial marking behavior, a decrease in the urge to roam, and become more docile and easier to train. Take the time to spay/neuter your pet. Food & Nutrition: Water: How To Get Your Pig Enough Liquids. Elsevier BV, doi:10.1016/j.cvex.2019.09.003, Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. Make sure your vet researches the proper procedure before the neuter. Pigs, Children and Other Pets: Do They Get Along? Again, you do NOT want an un-spayed female pig in your house! To aid in the prevention of uroliths be sure to feed your guinea pig a balanced and appropriate diet of green veggies, timothy hay or sweetgrass, and a small number of pellets alongside adequate fluid intake and vitamin C. Know that a diet consisting of alfalfa hay in adult cavies and a large number of alfalfa pellets can help uroliths form., Pyometra in Un-Spayed Female Pets. West Vet, 2020, Guinea Pig Care. If the pig is not mated she will come into heat every 21 days, providing she has enough feed and water. Testicles on the potbellied pig are not obvious, as they are on other animals.

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