When comparing a concert ukulele to a soprano ukulele, the concert ukulele has a slightly larger body, longer, thicker and wider neck and a few more frets. If you’re shopping for your first ukulele, a soprano is your best bet. A short scale isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does … And the name of each strings is: G C E A How to tune a soprano ukulele? Measuring around 21”, the soprano size is also referred to as the “standard” size in the world of ukuleles. Sopranos are also the most affordable as well as most portable, making them ideal for beginners. Soprano ukuleles are the smallest of the three ukulele sizes. I like to have the option of playing those higher notes, for fingerpicking melodies, and I have several songs that go above the 12th fret, and one or two that use the 15th fret. Typically there are 3 common sizes. The difference with the O'Nino however is that it even smaller than the 21 series. How many strings does a ukulele have? (Soprano, concert, tenor, baritone). Every ukulele has four strings. Call it a sopranino, call it a sopranissimo, call it a sub-soprano, call it what you like. Soprano (small), concert (medium) and tenor (large). And the size of the soprano ukulele is 20 inches. Concert and tenor ukes have longer scales, so the frets are spaced further apart. Frets are the thin metals bars in the fingerboard of a ukulele. Soprano ukes have a very short scale, so the frets are fairly close together. I have a soprano (regular neck) that has more than 12 frets (Ohana Zebrawood), and I think it is very helpful. A soprano ukulele is the beginning uke among the four series. The same can be said when comparing a tenor ukulele to a concert ukulele. This is not the first sub-soprano scale ukulele I have looked at on the site, and nor is it the first sub-soprano for Ohana, as this follows on from their earlier SK21 series. What is a soprano ukulele?

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