Planting the Beets. In our first animated novel , follow the professor on a quest to teach the public how to avoid processed food in the supermarket and to identify bad carbohydrates in the diet by reading food labels. How Sugar is Processed . Defoliating the Beets. The sugar crystals are then washed, dried and cooled. Beet seed are planted in the Spring and harvested in the Autumn. Diets high in processed sugar have been linked to weight problems, diabetes, heart disease and even certain types of cancer. The first U.S. sugar cane was planted in Louisiana in 1751, marking the beginning of the U.S. sugar industry, which today provides 142,000 jobs in 22 states. As one of the oldest commodities in the world, it was first domesticated around 8000 B.C. Because of its value, sugar was often put under lock and key in sugar safes. Beets are planted from a small seed; 1lb of beet seed will plant about an acre. The sugar beet is sliced into thin strips called cossettes. 5.These thin strips are mixed with hot water to extract the sugar and a lime solution is added to the raw juice to remove any impurities. Cane from the farm harvested ( cut canes) and brought to the sugar mill by trucks. It is then prepared for milling by knives and shredders. Scroll Down To See How The Magic Happens! This can lead to: Sugar Beet Process ⇧ Back To Top. Sugar is derived from two main plant sources: sugar cane and sugar beets. Sweet Smart, a sweetener made from concentrated fruit and vegetable juices and spices also happens to be made in Louisiana. by indigenous people in New Guinea. Growing the Beets. Processed sugar, referred to scientifically as “sucrose”, is not only totally devoid of nutrients, but has added chemicals and raises blood sugar levels faster so you get energy/hunger swings. Think white table sugar, sugar in candy bars, or added sugar in fruit drinks. 6.The syrup is filtered, heated and seeded with tiny sugar crystals, which grow into the required size. It is weighed using an electronic weigh bridge and unloaded into cane carriers. Sugar in the diet can be found in either natural or processed forms. The problem for the majority of us is that many of the processed foods we eat – in particular, those marketed to children – have added sugar that supplies energy in the form of calories, and very little else, so we end up consuming more than we need.

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