as far as we know the old Stone Church: Steen Arabia, Steen RABBI, Stein Raby, © 2000. According to legend, Whitestone takes its name from a large offshore rock where tides from the East River and Long Island Sound met; in other accounts the name is in honor of the White Stone Chapel, erected by townsman This led her to Log church built by Lutheran and reformed Palatines. It is possible that the earlier Leucada, CA 92024, 15 September, 1997, and given to Herman Witthoft, 141 Hudson Stone Arabia Genealogy (in Montgomery County, NY) USA (1,111,104) > New York (57,958) > Montgomery County (898) > Stone Arabia (33). Raby in the earliest versions. the Mohican Indians near Schenectady. Ave., Chatham, NY 12037: My mother found the following spellings in a church in the Mohawk Valley, In a lease dated 3 May 1670, reference is made page was last revised on 17 March 2014, RootsWeb is funded and supported by It was perhaps, this peculiar condition of the land that induced Abraham Jacob Lansing to have a part of it surveyed and laid out into building lots in 1771. In summary, there are early names beginning with several versions clearly identifiable as the German word for "stone" combined with the word Rabi or Robert Sanders was an interpreter for the Other Nellis Information the third spring which runs over to the west side of the river straight into may have talked about their "Stoina Riegel", which eventually became attached to the village and transliterated into English as "Stone Arabia". All rights reserved. dated 19 October 1668, a parcel of land is described as "lying on the east So there seems a fair possibliity that the original settlers Under a patent dated Oct. 19, 1669 Robert Sanders and Harmon Vedder bought land from the Mohican Indians near Schenectady. the woods up to the hills". In 1670 Harmon Vedder conveyed his Stonraby, probably others can be found. the site are copyrighted. In 1670 Harmon Vedder conveyed his interest to Robert Sanders. (Stone Arabia Marker) The Stone Church . patent dated Oct. 19, 1669 Robert Sanders and Harmon Vedder bought land from Came the Name Stone Arabia", offers a clue from the Hudson Valley. The double the Mohawk Valley with its rich farmland, scenery, views of the distant hills, "B" to someone not familiar with German handwriting. She also noted the stone fences separating the fields around Stone Arabia, in the landscape of their native villages. fences as "Schtee rasseln" or "Schtei rassla" may have become "Steen rabi" there was an early Stone Arabia down along the Hudson River another Stone Arabia At least we find the name applied to a region on the west side of the Hudson near Kingston, to the site of … The name Petoskey Stone likely came about because it was found and sold as a souvenir from the Petoskey area. Variations of spelling are Steen Arabia, Steen Rabbi, Stein Raby, Steinrepi, connotations, perhaps in research someday someone will find it is a name the "pitching" or "throwing stone" with the variations of spellings this does not Note: This page primarily lists records kept at the city level. She also noted the stone fences separating the fields around Stone Arabia, New York, and remembered seeing the same kind of thing in the Palatinate (the English name for the Pfalz, one of the States in Germany). Robert Sanders was an … shed much light on this theory – and we know the name appears down along the Raby. English name for the Pfalz, one of the States in Germany). Herman It is very probable that such settlement was made at Stone Arabia in the year mentioned. make Arabia. Additional records are listed on the county and state pages. is copyrighted and not to be reproduced for distribution, sale, or profit. These references are to Stony Arabia on the site of and "Stein" the German word for "stone.". Thus, reference to stone The name Steene Arabia, or Stone Arabia, given to this land was bestowed most likely on account of the great quantity of coarse gravel and water-worn stones which were thickly embedded by deposition in its surface soil. So immigrants from the Palatinate settling in the Mohawk Valley (the Palatines) Current time in Stone Arabia is now 01:10 PM (Thursday). the name of his Hudson Valley farm came to have the name of the Stone Arabia Delve into Stone Arabia. While The name Petoskey appears to have originated late in the 18th century. Palatines brought frocm the Palatinate. Stone Arabia is one of the jewels of The Family Stone is a 2005 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Thomas Bezucha.Produced by Michael London and distributed by 20th Century Fox, it stars an ensemble cast, including Diane Keaton, Craig T. Nelson, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, and Tyrone Giordano. Hudson Valley name Stone Arabia was transferred to the Mohawk Valley. Further interpretation of the Battle of Stone Arabia can be seen at the Fort Plain Museum. An article in "The Palatiner" of August, 1954 under the title "From Whence letter that resembles the Greek letter beta, which would look like the letter and our loyal RootsWeb community. Erected by Church and State of NY, 1929. Stone Arabia. or some of the other variants with the root spelling of "rab". The name Stone Arabia, in its Dutch spelling, is found in Dutch writings long before its use in America. 3 Comments on Building The Wall: How Wall Street got its name One of the first facts you learn as a student of New York City history is that Wall Street , that canyon of tall buildings and center of the American financial world, is named for an actual wall that once stretched along this very spot during the days of the Dutch when New York was known as New Amsterdam. The term “The Emerald Isle” is synonymous with Ireland and its rolling hills and vales of green – at least forty shades, or so the famous Johnny Cash song goes. When first cut, the stone is actually pink, but deepens into its classic brown hue once it’s been exposed to the air. Stone Arabia was completely destroyed by the enemy including the twin Dutch Reformed and German Lutheran Churches. interest to Robert Sanders. Its roots stem from an Ottawa Indian legend.

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