Grab up your shoes, hold them upside-down, and give them a good shake over the sink or a trash can. Glad you were able to use stuff you had one hand :) Thank you for commenting! I put two or three tablespoons of baking soda into a coffee filter, and then tie or tape the filter shut. The set has 14 essential oils to get you started. This should help point you in the right direction! If you love using essential oils in your cleaning routine, … Another great shoe odor remedy is to make your own shoe deodorizer spray. Thank you my son has real stinky feet, just made this with lavender. Fabulous Frannie - Aromatherapy Top 14 Essential Oil Set, 100% Pure - .33oz Size Bottles, Moso Natural Mini 50g Air Purifying bag, 1-Pack (2 Total), 2 Count. Mart, thank you for sharing your experience and suggesting a pouch method! If it bothers you a lot you might be able to vacuum it out if you’re careful, but I won’t ever bother with that. Last update on 2020-11-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Pick out your favorite essential oils and sprinkle about five drops of it into the baking soda. That’s all for this one. Click over to this post for a full list of home remedies for smelly shoes too! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That will only result in more powder being left behind in the shoe when you shake it out. unsubscribe anytime. Then tilt the toe of the shoe slowly downward to work the powder evenly and completely across the entire footbed (where your foot rests on the inside of the shoe). Try kitty litter. Make your own homemade diy natural shoe deodorizer with baking soda and essential oils. No spam ever. This is my second favorite DIY shoe deodorizer. If you are looking for a natural pre-made shoe deodorizer for those days when you don’t feel like putting in the effort I highly recommend trying out Moso Natural odor fighters. I recommend you let them sit for several hours at the least. Super! It was hard for me to pick out my first few essential oils because I didn’t know where to start. There you go! How To Make Homemade Pet Stain & Odor Spray, Use Tea Bags In Shoes To Remove Bad Odors, Plus it will keep fighting the stink while my feet are in my shoes which is good! Unsubscribe anytime. Read my full Moso Natural review here. If you don’t have any essential oils I recommend getting a starter set like this great starter set of essential oils from Fabulous Frannie on Amazon. no spam ever. My feet are fairly sweaty, and I usually have a problem with stinky sneakers, but this ‘pouch method’ works very well for me. Here’s what you need to make your homemade shoe deodorizer. Thank you for your comment, thanks, a pair of my leather boots needed deodorizing but I don’t like the chemical products on the market. This is my favorite smelly shoe remedy method so far. I spray the insides of my shoes once a year or so. Let me know how these home remedies for smelly shoes work out for you in the comments and thanks for reading! I hope this has helped alleviate the stink in your hall! This recipe is basically the same as the deodorizer sachets above but instead of wrapping the powder nicely in cloth we’ll dump it straight into our shoes. For a great natural shoe deodorizing option you can also check out my Moso Natural odor eliminator review. I love it because it’s so simple. DIY Odor Absorber Recipe. Check out this post on Tread Lightly for a detailed post. Amber Glass Bottle with Euro Dropper Cap. I’m not the biggest fan of spray shoe deodorizers, I don’t like that I’m stuck with wet shoes until they dry out just in case I want to wear them. Here’s what you need to make your homemade shoe deodorizer 1. Measure out 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and pour it into a small bowl you can mix your ingredients in. There should be at least one shoe deodorizer method on this page worth trying out! Give a few a shot and see what works best for you. If you’re a cheapskate, you don’t even have to throw the old baking soda away; you can just spread it out on something smooth, let it dry, and then re-use it. Your results should be just fine if you simply dust the surface of the footbed. Baking soda is an awesome odor absorber, as you might know from using it in your fridge or somewhere else smelly. Your mileage may vary a bit with these. Personally I let my shoes sit for a good 24 hours. Here are 10 homemade shoe deodorizers, with essential oils generally optional, to keep your feet fresh. Awesome! This shoe deodorizer is messy, it will get all over the place, and sometimes that’s just what we want! To help you fight those horrible smells here is a list of how to deodorize shoes in just a couple of minutes with a great diy shoe deodorizer remedy! I like this method because it’s not as messy as dumping powder into your shows and hey it’s kind of cute too. As to the little bit of powder that stays behind in the shoe it wasn’t an issue for me at all. You can skip this part if you want, it isn’t essential, it only helps make your shoes smell great. I was able to get most of the powder out of my shoes easily with only a very slight dusting of it staying behind. unsubscribe anytime. If  you’re looking for a shoe deodorizer spray then give this one a shot. Stuff the charcoal powder to either an old sock or pair of tights and twist it up to make your own charcoal shoe deodorizers. For ultimate smell removal, I recommend the following: Pour baking soda and several drops of essential oils for scent (optional) in each shoe and leave overnight to absorb the moisture and smell. You can make your own odor eater shoe balls by using charcoal either a crushed briquette that isn’t pre-soaked in charcoal starter, aquarium charcoal, or some Bamboo Activated Charcoal from Amazon. Learn how your comment data is processed. No spam ever. Get new post updates and keep the homemade experiment alive! I had baking soda and essential oil on hand so I used it and loved it. thanks for the tip. Have fun de-stinking your shoes, leave a comment to say hi, and if you liked this post share it on facebook or pinterest! Just chuck a couple of tea bags into each shoe and let them sit for a day or two, that’s it! After using this homemade shoe deodorizer all the stank is gone and I have fresh wonderfully pine smelling shoes now. I have recently tried a pouch method out myself and you are right, it works great! If you want to try some alternative shoe deodorizer methods see my full list of. Hey, we all get a little busy sometimes and don’t have the time to make things ourselves. If you don’t want to pour powder straight into your shoes I have another post coming soon that solves that very problem, so check back soon, or subscribe to my emails (no spam, I promise) for updates. Don’t skimp on the shoe deodorizer, if you don’t add enough in you’ll probably end leaving some smelliness behind. I make sure that it is not too tightly-packed, and that I can still shake the baking soda around inside of the little pouch that I just made. It’s summertime and the foot stink epidemic is running rampant. Your email address will not be published. Putting baking soda in shoes is a simple to make diy natural shoe deodorizer that only uses two ingredients, works awesome, and takes virtually no time to make. I just stuck my nose into my shoe and took a big whiff and I didn’t instantly regretting it. Unsubscribe anytime. If you’re looking for some essential oils to make one of these recipes try out this starter set to help you find the scents you like best so you don’t waste money buying larger bottles you might not like. get updated for new posts. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you want to try some alternative shoe deodorizer methods see my full list of diy shoe deodorizer remedies. Homemade Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorizers. The pouches are effective at eliminating shoe odor for a few weeks, until the baking soda starts to get saturated with the moisture that it is drawing out of the shoes, and then I just make some new ones. First, a couple from The Homemade Experiment! I personally don’t have stinky feet, but even those with the best smelling feet will end up with stink shoes. Also, don’t work the powder in, you don’t need to rub it into the shoe. Required fields are marked *. Then place the shoes in a sealed ziplock bag and freeze overnight. Do your best to break up the essential oil as it has a tendency to clump. Making the things we buy everyday while being healthier, saving money, and have fun! It will pull whatever nasty odors might be hiding inside of your shoes. My shoes weren’t super stinky to start with, but they weren’t particularly good smelling either. While it may not seem like the first thing you'd want in your shoes, kitty litter is … Your email address will not be published.

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