Our home is filled with 5 kids, 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 bunny, 3 gerbils, 3 lizards, and plenty of fish…I make this often! Most conventional air fresheners contain basic chemicals such as formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, 1,4 dichlorobenzene and aerosol propellants. The fun fact about this homemade room spray recipe is that it’s inexpensive and you can create it in a few minutes easily! Keep in a small bottle, to use on the go. Make sure to the shake the bottle for a few seconds before each use. These chemicals are linked to skin and upper respiratory allergies and may lead to serious diseases. It’s a natural way to remove household odors, and the spray works well in the bathroom, on most fabrics and carpets, even in shoes. This spray works well, really it does. Top Tips for This Homemade Air Freshener. Cinnamon Delight. A much safer alternative to the harmful chemicals found in regular air fresheners! This homemade air freshener lasts about a month. Country Apple. You can use this on your couch, curtains, carpets anywhere that you want to smell amazing, even your pillows. Make your own natural air freshener spray with simple, non-toxic ingredients. A homemade air freshener with fabric softener that lasts longer than store-bought ones and doesn’t affect your health in any way. You can also customize it to suit your tastes. This vinegar detox air freshener is chemical-free. By making my own air freshener I am able to keep the chemicals out of our home and keep our money in our bank account. Green; Clear the Air: 10 Natural Ways to Cure Household Odors Pull the clothespin off your nose and instead try these 10 common household items to deodorize every nook and cranny of your abode. You can spritz some of the homemade air freshener into the toilet before each use, to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Homemade Air Freshener Just as the third paragraph said, the same applies here, making my own homemade air freshener, just like how I wanted to make my own cleaning agent. You can make your own spray air-freshener in just a few minutes using three simple ingredients. Formaldehyde is classified as a human carcinogen by the International […] Fresh Linen. Sound familiar?

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