Later, after the fall of Constantinople to the Latin Crusade in 1204, the Greeks lost the sense of wholeness [i.e. As the Russian Church Abroad prepared to enter 1988 — the important millennial year of celebrations for the Baptism of Russia — many of those who had guided the day-to-day activities of Synod headquarters for decades were gone, as was the extreme right-wing of the Church. Bishop Gregorii, then in his mid-eighties, had been in delicate health for some time — doubtlessly aggravated by the controversy surrounding his son — and so he retired. With your donation we will continue to improve this Web site. Using hymns set to music composed by the Metropolitan himself, the funeral on Sunday was concelebrated by six hierarchs (with two unwell bishops in attendance), nearly fifty priests, and more than a dozen deacons. to the Russian Church Flock (1987), Epistle Antonii from his position as head of the Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, and suspended him from priestly functions pending the outcome of a spiritual court. The Great Schism - Wikipedia. Letter to the author, (February 10, 1986). For some years, eighty-two-year-old Metropolitan Philaret had been suffering from cancer of the prostate, although he had not been seriously incapacitated, and it was believed that he would live many more years. This was done on December 3; nine days later, Vitalii received a letter announcing that the monastery in Boston had left the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and was taking refuge under an unnamed Greek Old Calendar bishop. Panteleimon. The bishops were bombarded by hundreds of letters, petitions, phone calls, and personal visits — all of them protesting their “Elder’s” innocence and the unfair, even “un-American” way in which they believed his case was being handled. Yet the rumors would not go away. Your present article on the Serbian Church is a case in point. Letter from Bishop Hilarion to Fr. As soon as Metropolitan Vitalii was enthroned, Abbot Panteleimon moved swiftly to annul his earlier suggestions that the Church Abroad was perhaps not firm enough concerning ecumenism. The site is currently not supported for this browser. Books. When the charge of immorality against the Abbot of Holy Transfiguration Monastery was brought to his attention, the Metropolitan was both troubled and disbelieving. Тальберга «История Русской Церкви» (Джорданвилль, 1959 г. Does the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad View the Catacomb Church and the Moscow Neketas Palassis, (March 31, 1986). Your email address will not be published. This was demonstrated of late by the election of our new Metropolitan…” 3. Vitalii, the fourth metropolitan of the Church Outside Russia, had lived with his family in France after the Russian Revolution, entering monastic life in Czechoslovakia in 1939. The Metropolitan, his years and health problems heavy upon him, still possessed a gentle purity of heart that did not quickly see evil in churchmen, and refused to listen to gossip and rumors. The charges [made against our hierarchs] as a pretext for departure from the Synod — that the Bishops of the Russian Synod are now more inclined towards ecumenism and lack concern for the Greek parishes — are preposterous. Panteleimon was present and denied the charges, but asked to be relieved of his position as abbot. Everyone else, on the other hand, was simply hoping and praying for a metropolitan who would be personally warm and outgoing, and who would help bolster the sagging morale of the Church Abroad. This site is created with the support of Fund For Assistance To The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. From that time until the monastery was accepted by ROCOR in 1965, it commemorated the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Events then moved quickly. catholicity]… Having been distorted by isolation, they sadly developed a psychology of nearly Puritanical, pessimistic sectarianism, for their cultural, political, and religious context was forcibly kept in a static state by the Turks… In fighting the imposition of the Western Calendar [from the 1920s to the present], the truly Orthodox Greeks have [thus far] proved themselves unable to follow the example of our Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in forging a jurisdiction of… transcontinental dimensions against the prevailing realities of revolution, communism, modernism, and ecumenism in our troubled times. Panteleimon. The name chosen was that of Archbishop Vitalii, and the following weekend he was enthroned according to the ancient Muscovite ceremony used for Metropolitan Philaret. Although there was genuine concern over the spiritual fate of the schismatics — and there was an invitation to them to return to the discipline of the Church (see Appendix VII for the bishops’ “Appeal” to the schismatics) — many felt a strong sense of relief, convinced that God had providentially purified the Church Abroad so that her attention and energies could be focused elsewhere. However, unknown to Panteleimon, the sobor which had chosen and installed the new Metropolitan had also extensively discussed the extremist views of the Panteleimonites — reflected by a new attack against the Serbian Church in Orthodox Christian Witness — and the charges of immorality. He referred the matter to Bishop Gregorii who, after an unofficial and cursory investigation, decided that the accusation was without foundation. I really like the work Holy Transfiguration Monastery has done with their publications, specifically when it comes to their Prayer Book and The Ladder of Divine Assent. the Moscow Patriarchate the "Mother Church" of the ROCOR? The Ancient This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Holy Transfiguration Monastery of Studite Brethren - monastic complex of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the town of Horodok, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine.Located on the area of the ancient settlement of town`s historical origin. Home; Calendar; Life Transfigured; Support Our Monastery; Online Chapel; Events & Photos; 321 Monastery Lane. Antonii’s father), now removed Fr. Panteleimon headed the Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline, Massachusetts, originally a part of Russian Church Abroad. Is the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Nationalistic? The resident clergy immediately vested his thin body and placed him in a coffin, which was then carried to the cathedral to lie in state. Box 85, Jordanville, NY 13361 |, If you benefit from what you read consider supporting the further growth of this website, Historical Studies of the Russian Church Abroad. Panteleimon and was personally fond of Archimandrite Antonii. Your email address will not be published. Speaking first of the moderate stand of Metropolitan Vitalii and his Synod, this writer observed: “The Greek Old Calendarists [to one splinter group of which Panteleimon had fled] have never shown a similar sense of moderation. to the Russian Church Flock (1994). There was also a sober attempt to understand the roots of the schism and the extremism of its leaders. However, from the Russian point of view, this represented a distasteful intrusion of politics into the realm of the holy, for Panteleimon believed that Vitalii’s staunch anti-ecumenical views would insure him a strong voice in future Synod affairs. That fall the bishops postponed the election until the Feast of St. Philip (Metropolitan of Moscow) in late January, and Archbishop Vitalii functioned as locum tenens of the metropolitan throne. Home. Extract from a report to Bishop Hilarion by Consenting Des­rosiers, (February 18, 1987). Not only are the translations superb, but the quality … At the same time, the hierarchs appointed a special commission of two bishops to visit the Boston monastery and begin a private investigation into charges of sexual perversion. Men and women of intelligence and talent, the Grabbes had energetically served the Church through many trials and tribulations and, particularly during the post-war years, had achieved several positions of importance and power, which included not only the leadership of the Department of External Affairs at Synod and the Ecclesiastical Mission in the Holy Land, but also the naming of a sister of Bishop Gregorii as abbess of the monastery for women in Lesna, France. More Recent Claims Against the ROCOR. Our bishops have warned their flocks countless numbers of times concerning the spiritual danger of the ecumenical movement, of renovationism and modernism, and stand firmly against their encroachment into the life of our Church. Panteleimon began to make public his own list of grievances, announcing that the bishops were, practically speaking, abandoning the Anathema against Ecumenism and beginning to compromise the Faith. Fr. Looking back, the bishops may well feel that they should have hastened this investigation for, during this period of time, an unprecedented explosion of protest erupted from the supporters of Fr. The monasteries buildings arose as a result of reconstruction of the former military barracks located in the abandoned XV century Franciscan monastery. of Days Icon, Articles Antonii, who had observed carefully the strategy of Fr. Required fields are marked *. No one could mistake the intention of the Synod: Fr. comments by Fr. Following World War II, he served as a pastor in one of the German camps for displaced persons, and in 1948 he was transferred to London.

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