This guide will show you how to free a prisoner named Greirat. In the corner you will find a Titanite Shard 1x. You may now return to where you found Greirat earlier to free him. Time the fire breathing and make a move to the closed door ahead, if you're feeling brave, you can loot a corpse nearby that is in the fire area for Deserter Trousers. Align yourself over the first enemy along the beam, and perform a basic attack as you walk off the edge to take them out from above. The cell key is found on a corpse in the corner at the base of a small stairwell. So are there any consequences to killing the Dancer early in regards to any NPC quests? © Valve Corporation. Proceed up the stairs to your right where a crossbow hollow is and enter the archway to find a sword wielding hollow. He is a tough opponent this early in the game, but he can be safely killed from the rooftop with arrows. 3 floors down. Go out the side exit, up the stairs and light the second bonfire.Don't kill the Mimic or the Wyvrn. There is only one enemy in this next room, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Retrace your steps back up the stairs and up the ladder and exit through an open doorway. Take the ladder here down to the balcony where you will encounter a hollow sword enemy and another one who will leap over to engage you. From the first bonfire, facing the building, run down the stairs to your right. Metro Exodus Is Getting a Next-Gen Version Next Year. Kill the undead with the spear and shield. This method might actually net more souls per hour than the previous method, around 37,000, probably depending on if you're running the previous method with a +3 Raw Astora Sword one-shotting everyone or not. Covering the best in video gaming. Give Loretta’s Bone to Greirat if you wish to fulfill his favor. To the left, a hallway is blocked by boxes which can be destroyed. From the Tower on the Wall Bonfire, go down the stairs into the room and down the next stairs. Grab the bow: From the first bonfire, facing the building, run to your left and kill the archer, then down the stairs here and clear the area of all enemies that agro you. Walk to the wall and get as close to the Wyvern as you can and he'll breathe fire clearing the area below. locked door in high wall of lothric? However, here is a brief explanation for those who are somewhat familiar with the area already. This guide will presume that you have already explored the High Wall of Lothric and have reached the Undead Settlement, and are familiar with the first few bonfire locations in each. Across and up the stairs you will encounter another sword and shield knight. Add that you can get a Winged Knight Halberd. Drop down into a room with a lattice floor and a hollow. Throw your last Undead Huntsmans Charm at the Mimic and hope it drops the Symbol of Avarice. The player begins at the summit of the wall, and will work their way downstairs until they reach the courtyards below. Retrace your steps back out to where you first came down the ladder after defeating the dark mass erupting enemy and proceed forward to get to a balcony where more hollows await. If you just want to find out how to kill the dragon, jump over to our guide that covers just that. Loot the corpse to the left for a Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Don’t worry though; he will exit through the left door and he shouldn’t be a bother. It only drops these items once after being killed.Return to the bonfire and take the other set of stairs to the left that lead down to the second walkway. Kill the sword-weilding undead to your right,  run forward down the stairs and kill the undead with the lamp, jump down the hole onto the table then drop to the ground. Continue through a doorway, where you will find a corpse on a beam to the right with Firebomb 3x. Discussion. but i've seen a ghost of another player go through the door? Keep the elevator shaft between you and he will fall down it to his death. If you kill her here, she will drop an item, which you can bring to the altar behind her to trigger the Dancer of the Boreal Valley boss fight. Keep in mind that sending Greirat on expeditions runs the risk of having Greirat meet an untimely demise. Clear the entire courtyard. Two enemies emerge from the house, one with a giant cleaver and one with a pitchfork. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. This method costs 5 souls per loop if using Puncture skill, or 10 souls per cycle for 2 normally shot arrows.

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