(History and Explanation), “Let Her Go” Guitar Chords – (The Easiest Version), Discover these Hot, New Gifts for Guitar Players (2020), How to Date your Fender (By Serial Number) in 60 seconds, Cover Versions of “Baby I love Your Way” (Most Popular), The Haunting Meaning of “When Doves Cry” – From Prince, A Song about Cheating? Never of course anything major, but when you get your piece check everywhere just for small things like tiny scratches and sometimes things won’t be completely aligned. The PRS plays a little bit better but there’s not much in it. In a word, Yes. My experience with the Harley Benton CST-24T is that it is so close to my PRS SE custom 24. This is the best answer I have for this, because if you look at any other review of these guitars they talk about how great of a purchase this guitar was. Since I play a lot of classical guitar, I personally find this to be a cool feature, but this can be very awkward for someone who hasn’t played a guitar like this before. Here at Broke and Talented We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Harley Benton review / Bass Guitars / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com I have opted for what I consider ‘classic guitar designs’ in this round up. If you are a beginner and if you’re looking for a Telecaster guitar the Harley Benton TE-52 is about as affordable as you will find. In terms of their price point, there’s not much else that compares with them in terms of quality. (Except for only one review I could find, where the guy seemed to expect a 4,000$ guitar for a couple hundred bucks, lol.). This is a great alternative to the Epiphone Les Paul. That alone is the reason why there are a fair amount of ‘cost effective’ Les Paul copies out in the field. Broke and Talented is a collective group of musicians who blog to help other musicians with “The Struggle.” The Go-To site for Musicians everywhere. So, in comparison to all the major brands out there Harley Benton does a great job of making sure their products don’t have issues, but there are some. Some people do find it’s easier to play fast licks on guitars with less fretboard radius than high radius so that might have something to do with it. Please note: Not all links on this website are affiliate links. Sure it was nice to look at but I was fighting the “off-the-shelf” set up more than any Harley Benton I have played so far. I like anything that sounds good and plays well. Harley Benton has no problem refunding you if anything is wrong, so there really is no need to worry at all. This list is my 5 favorite electric guitars from Harley Benton. There are of course, some quirks that makes these guitars very unique….and older models aren’t as great…but all in all I’m going to say these are a great guitar for anyone who is on a budget. We were lucky enough to try this guitar in Germany in 2018 and tone wise we were both blown away. Many inexpensive guitars fall victim to looking good but not always feeling good to play. I am more happy with the Harley Benton guitars now than I am Squier or even my beloved SX guitars. Harley Benton Guitars are actually made by the company Musikhaus Thomann, located in Bavaria, Germany. This is the best inexpensive guitar I have ever played. I am fussy when it comes to how the action is on a guitar as well as how the fret edges feel and I am yet to have any complaints with the Harley Benton guitars that I have played. Looking through these reviews I found that the difference was night and day even though most people found the guitars to be a higher standard, there were still some that claim they were mediocre at best which to me made absolutely no sense. Marshall JCM800 Studio Classic SC20H Review →. [The 7 BEST] Ibanez Acoustic Guitars Hands Down. I know that’s basically what everyone else is saying, but it’s the truth. Harley Benton guitars come from a German guitar company called Thomann. The Roswell pickups that Harley Benton fit stock in their instruments are right up there with anything else on the market. I have been in a fortunate position to be able to test a lot of guitars over the years and I have also tested a number of Harley Benton Guitars. I have been in a fortunate position to be able to test a lot of guitars over the years and I have also tested a number of Harley Benton Guitars. Comparable guitars in a brand like Squier would be the Classic Vibe Series. We’ll cover the good, the bad, and the Ugly in this article. First I’d like to clarify and say that every single guitar company has small issues here and there…..and even some of the largest companies out there such as Gibson have been getting a lot of hate recently over the quality of their products. The weight definitely gives it a great feel for sitting down and playing, but keep this in mind if you do a lot of gigging. The switches and volume pots feel better and the bridge also looks a lot higher quality. That said, the Harley Benton use Wilkinson Bridges that are widely regarded as quality bridges. There were zero complaints tone or quality wise with the SC-550. The Original Series Telecaster Review – The Best Tele? If you are comfortable trusting online reviews and videos enough to warrant a purchase then go for it. What is a Folk Guitar really? And made even less sense because I’ve played five of these guitars and out of all the ones I’ve played I enjoyed all of them. Some of their guitars are pretty heavy. Note: Apart from them also being beautiful guitars and well-made……I really like the name as well. The meaning of “Careless Whisper”. This might be obvious, but you’ll find for their price they’re doing great. I have played a lot more expensive guitars than the Harley Benton’s but that doesn’t mean they played or sounded any better. In terms of how the guitars compare in terms of feel. Early on when the brand was first released, you would see some comments with people clearly unhappy. This goes to show the factory setup is done with care and attention to detail. It comes down to the player in the end and how you go about dialing in your sound. The neck is better, the pickups are just as nice, and it’s less expensive. The reason you haven’t heard of them? These Classic Vibes (where I live) are so much more expensive and funnily enough, are not any better. Another downside is you can only order them online and then “hope for the best”. Harley Benton guitars are quite heavy. When you look at the reviews for Harley Benton guitars what I ended up noticing was that the reviews we’re almost all ranting and Raving reviews of how great the guitars are for their money even people who could afford much higher quality guitars still purchase Harley Benton‘s but every once in a while you’ll find an absolutely terrible review. Harley Benton Electric Guitars user reviews. These guitars are German designed and made in Indonesia and China. If you are buying a Harley Benton one thing I have seen people complain about is the return policy. Like Les Paul tones but don’t want to spring for an Epiphone? I have recently had a chance to play and own a lot of higher end guitars and the Harley Benton CST-24T guitars are as nice as anything out there. Not only does it sounds great but the top looks amazing and the 24 frets are a lot of fun! This site is a participant in the Artist Guitars, Sweetwater, B&H, and Thomann affiliate advertising programs. It’s not only affordable but it’s great. The Harley Benton guitars are easy guitars to play and will be a great beginners guitar. They out-perform a lot of guitars in terms of bang-for-buck. Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes. This is really evident on brands like Squier and some of the entry level Epiphone guitars. Check out the comments section on YouTube videos to see how many happy customers there are actually are. Definitely going to be a brand to pay attention to in the future. Artist Guitars TC59 Telecaster Review – Worth it? Just know that when you purchase you should check out your guitar completely as soon as you get it.

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