Includes mounting studs and pres-in threaded bushings. (Chrome) The GOTOH GTC101 is a traditional hardtail from their Standard Series range of electric guitar bridges. Start by using a screwdriver to adjust the saddles to about halfway along their horizontal range. Traditionally only 6-string varieties were widely available. There are a wide range of hard-tail bridges that are larger in size and that include an opening for mounting a magnetic pickup. Don't miss out - sign up for the Gitty newsletter today! Dimensions:  Cray's playing but IMHO that's about it. You’ll want to position the bridge so that the point where the string leaves the groove on the saddle is exactly X inches from your nut, where X is your intended scale length. Gotoh Part Number GE103B-T The basic versions just have the bridge and saddle components. Gotoh Part Number GE103B-T Includes mounting studs and pres-in threaded bushings. In stock, ready to ship! Because of how they are made, hard-tail bridges work best when used with magnetic pickups (the sort seen on solidbody electric guitars) as opposed to piezo-style pickups. Gotoh string thru body hard tail guitar bridge with black finish. New How-to Article: Using Hard-tail Bridges on Cigar Box Guitars | The How-To Repository for the Cigar Box Guitar Movement! Includes mounting screws. Item # 0179-B. Some hard-tail bridges also include openings for pickups such as Fender-style single coils and humbuckers. Usually string ferrules of some sort are used on the back of the guitar to hold the ball end of the strings in place. Hard-tail bridges are designed based on the assumption that the guitar’s fretboard will be slightly raised above the surface of the guitar body. It is a 6 pivot bridge with 2 1/16" mounting spacing and 2 1/16" string spacing. Hard-tail bridges are pieces of hardware often seen on solid body electric guitars. Item # 0179. Fender American Standard Hardtail Strat Bridge-Chrome. GOTOH GTC101 Hardtail Guitar Bridge. Includes mounting studs and pres-in threaded bushings. In stock, ready to ship! Gotoh Tuneomatic with black finish. Callaham Mexican Standard Model Strat Bridge Assembly This is a complete assembly that is a direct replacement on Mexican Standard Guitars. Cray also comes in Inca Silver but other than finish both models are identical. OEM bridge on Schecter, ESP and other premium brands, Direct drop-on replacement/upgrade for Epiphone guitars. I'm not certain it's a coupling issue, it might just be more about filling up some of … Solid steel saddles with 2-1/16" String Spacing. They can’t be beat for ease of use and adjustability, important features for keeping an electric guitar in full playing condition. Gotoh string thru body hard tail guitar bridge with chrome finish. ABM produces modern guitar bridges that combine function and design perfectly. In stock, ready to ship! Hard-tail bridges are a must-have piece of hardware for building professional-level electric guitars and cigar box guitars. Adjust the screws to dial this in. Solid steel saddles with 2-1/16" String Spacing. If you your bridge has a pickup opening, you will want to do any routing/cutting to accommodate the pickup before mounting the hard-tail bridge to the instrument. Their location lengthwise on the guitar is determined by the instrument’s scale length. Original Fender 6-Saddle hardtail Strat bridge assembly with stamped "Fender Logo" saddles. Finish color (various metallic finishes are available), The style of the individual saddles can vary from manufacturer to. Dimensions:  They help with achieving a professional intonation, maintaining a nice low string action, and increasing sustain (due to their solid metal construction). E... Gotoh Tuneomatic with chrome finish. See the photo for clarity. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from The How-To Repository for the Cigar Box Guitar Movement!. They all have 2 1/16" string spacing and the American Standard mounting (not vintage). Electric guitar bridges, tunematics, stoptail pieces, Strat & Tele bridges and hard tails from top manufacturers like Gotoh, Schaller, Fender and more. Most hard-tail bridges are similar in design, though certain key features can vary: Individually mountable saddles in the hard-tail bridge style can also be found. Vintage style stamped steel saddles with "Fender" logo and heavy duty "big block" tremolo sustain block. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . 1 offer from £16.22. Includes mounting screws. Don't know what more I can tell you other then quite obviously the Robt. Fits 2006 and later Made in Mexico standard Strats (2-1/16" string spacing). 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