endstream The Lesson Make sure you start off very slowly, there is a very obvious pattern to the notes, I think of it like a diagonal line moving across the fingerboard. ݆�4��O=Rn�G�&�-��+���c�(�4�p!�R�� �.7���v=�2!�ֵ����7m�����^ ����g1r� $"]YB)�f���)�2�z�p>�4A>[S�"�dOj(0�61�u�ܷ�0)���b���xƆitt�S���.y�J��9��\Y�q���u�lFCĈ�f�u��� ���5�(�E�=��r����^����[XAi�]�lb6r�S���D�bnW���� �v�ЍG_ÿM��� It is one of the best exercises for developing both the independence and synchronization of movements of the left-hand fingers. The spider exercise is great for developing your alternate picking, but it can help with your hybrid picking too. >> When played this way, the exercise is sometimes nicknamed "the Spider." ^J���h�@6e������O�"���k���7C�-���+Ht~�G_Є�2��ZZ�����Ԋ��ͽz�L@c�5VOԿ�����]�x'���̧}{-����c� J;��+��/��{�_9�������������o/�����w��k�ja$\O�e�R^#�W���^���xχ�����������Q9BrB��k�=����{��WKی�H�!e����m�_~o���o��o������H�[x�Ss��Wˇ��ol�5,�u���FR��yk����z+�� ?>�u�O9�u���F�~����v� �$�a1��w�pK�}���X^C���SP��~� O���K{�G��/������;~|���oL��F��ߘ��xюxh:��fE֧�ت⫯�c\�J3��B}�����Th���_;HÆ�)���"�B��{�|��&�Ms\!�����k�g����ZS 4 0 obj Another possible warm up exercise is the so-called spider. Go nice and slow, and after many repetitions, it will feel like each of your fingers has grown a brain overnight. /Mask 9 0 R ���LV�Ã�T)�����Dx =�����!\�B#�ׂ^$�E�(" 跱�$���s\=8�l%���A.&r]96��E̿^}L�c]+Ww"SȄ�|NB2�@ 0nAc ��W6���UzWA�i�)EF-� iK)h fI�-ϥ�ij��+�=s��B���dX�R�6 5 0 obj �m��R�G����±�߼�p� ���q9M�m�-A����h���{����ۙ6Q�z�˟7�S��l~�}(�Wҏ����U/Q{8��߹��7�.|/޳{8���~UNq��UWIj���o�χ!����` 1�u�e��s+�1K���b�%^Z� ����������"��B� � $�h��=9��:�)�#o8�ڋZ�Ye����Y�6�{kP�8���m\�? �/7lk?���d��Fv#� playing these exercises, stop immediately. endobj The spider is a cross string picking exercise that is designed to develop dexterity in both hands. ��F���|)` f�Y�#������_���q?���`�̓�0_���������������������?���������������������������ׂ�������_���������������������+�������������k��5�_��"""""""""#� Don’t be overly picky on which technique you use. endobj 395 x�u�Mk�0���:�H�6C?ұ��;���Qt��a���a�[��zml ~��g.�VC��F8�����9��;��� Blog Home About Faq's Welcome NEXT LESSON —> RETURN TO LEVEL 2 (PRACTITIONER) LEVEL. You can get hurt if you over do it. Keep in mind that going fast is not as important with these drills. endstream 3 0 obj %äüöß The spider exercise is a valuable exercise for every guitarist in the late-beginner to early-intermediate stage of playing. But, one of the problems with learning it is that this exercise is … The spider exercises are one of my favorites. x��Y�� DY�����T*a Whatever versions you use, they are great for building dexterity, synchronisation and speed, in fact they are just all round useful for improving your guitar technique. ��O3�*W;�/�X���m+BB�X�3N2������n��mc���P�a��:�h��]���M��v��j ��e�Vg�°5�1࠘n��|=F�� ��y�`�����qt���a��A;1ί/�2�X�!J�Đ�w���^�L�z1��1�. artofguitarinfo@gmail.com. ] <> 1.Everything is relative 2.The octave is divided into only 12 total notes 3.The corresponding shapes are about two octaves long 4.Use this as a reference. The Art of Guitar. I’d say about ten minutes is enough (maximum). endstream I have an old guitar magazine that has an exercise similar to this by Joe Satriani called smart fingers. You don’t want to go hog-wild with these things. ... one and said he thought it was a Steve Vai exercise. However, that exercise was more Back To Top. Put your guitar down for a day or at least the rest of the after-noon and come back later. Try starting with both an up-stroke and down-stroke (as indicated in the tab). ���ѭZzaWv�D��+�����XQ��@�CW�U��|���>�A��N��k���6l��=!vJ���W�R�f�觝�NƜ{m1�B��WB|`6ͧa�`N)t��2�i�i0+8�&�PtW�Eh���~z�� �Ry.M��'�Q�^a�2���\�L1�T��(Z����9>��L��,�r������-���޽ȳ�#yN[J#2r�|:V�b�:�Fd[. �r�0� �5P��J��#��� m0I>(�:�Ha��!��.F4�Z���ǖ6!�B��2 ��n�m�)��r����$�C�����c�G@����=�)q�w0y�� �� 5@@�h+~�˔��7踥JI!8�����(m�_�`d?�f.le�xZd�3�ZA��lN�h{u��Ѱ�տfp����F�ڣ��`����bR$������p��3� ~Q�C�C)�d�OЉ��V�ḥ��"��h����Hi�^*t�f�h�E���z�kɘ$ *Λ.����?��>��EQ���ң�_~��}��*U})���>ݷ{8��3��+f��nZ����O̔����j����)�]9�.Rr/6�O͖A They’re both good to know and if you are comfortable with each technique, you’ll have more options to pick from when it comes to tricky licks. I haven’t shown any picking patterns in these Tabs because as always, I think you should practice them all. To download the pdf for the Spider Exercise simply click the PDF link in the right column (under the ad!) … <> I'm going to show you how that works. ;��va�:�N�잛lp\�QtF08��WM�܋Aχ֔����"�����؄���fg����J\� 10 0 obj 354 The spider exercise comes in a few different forms but they are all based on the same thing. 606 You keep your … The Spider Walk exercise is one of the most challenging finger studies known to guitar players. �� C �� � " �� �� �� ���75��b�� ��$xu��"SR��RM�>��F�jMR��h����H�1��֩[^�8G�C�(ԉ�W�[��B���k��:v�8F±�t�� Scales and Arpeggios for Guitar By Mike Georgia To keep things simple approach it like this. or below on smaller screens. Therefore, the numbers in the tab in this book are telling you which finger to use. Spider Exercise Variations ChainsawGuitarTuition.net Introduction The tab in this book doesn't quite work the same as with a normal tab. stream �\zq���_�����. &��?��@�m̌�% B0��i��d(eН �A���}�����w���޿����{��K�����_��������������Fk������������������׏���������u���������7���-~������������?sQ������?���������������_�?��{����_������׵���/��5������DGȐ@�X�3a��R The Spider Walk exercise is one of the most challenging finger studies known to guitar players. < One great exercise to use is the typical alternate picking exercises, but this time with a focus on finger independence. But, one of the problems with learning it is that this exercise is … That really helps. ��n ��������o��_��˗�����j}��_�����o_|i�5K���]�/������/��/��ۗ�S(�]�PT������܄�-��/�T�}��S�O�+�қL���_��������-�_���Ƅy��D����b�o�ѻ�6����š�2�������S�R��M���"?���/6���Nz|��'�K%�c��/7�^�R�u����Zm�u��n�����2��� �qC�n"��hz�Y~�8���Ġv�T�qL�}n02�����vo�����{~����������'�R�b�o+F��H���zk�Y�F�F�QL�u5��y*F���Y��Pd��>Cv\��IR0 CU�`zѺ�����_��5F��Ϲ��>��X�2�c$���0\U���޳�\q�F0��A�Cv�1L�����,�Pn�>vb�e���~�����ٜ��⋸�|s�� Excellent cross over study of rhythm guitar occurs when students write progressions in. 2 0 obj See, this book would be way too big if I tried to write out every single position that you could play this exercise in. This is a classic exercise for developing alternate picking precision. key and record the progressions for later use as jams. stream stream <> If you’re having trouble with either your right hand or left hand coordination and you want to see real improvement then these are the perfect exercises. Lesson of the week: “The Spider” Left Hand Finger Independence and Stretch Exercise. Take it little by little. Practice … �}����#K���,{0��y endobj %PDF-1.4 8 0 obj Guitar_Daily_Practice_Routine -v6-30-15.pdf; Guitar Daily Practice Routine - web page with links ; MODULE 1: Right Hand Exercises. �r�� endobj /ImageMask true /Decode[ 0 1 ] endobj >> stream endobj 9 0 obj �w��!�}u:1�B���E�`h�[-�9.� f柀Wa���ø�1�����1�F~ �����4ax�U��+ez �f�0Znk���> Spider exercises are a great way to develop finger independence, which as you guitarists know, is essential for speed and clarity. 8 "Spider" Guitar Warm Up Exercises by Diego Ruiz 1/9 = 60 Standard tuning 1 Ex.1 - METRON.CLICK: 60-90-120-150 1 43 23 21 4 1 43 23 21 4 3 1 43 23 21 41 43 23 21 4 1 43 23 21 4 6 Ex.1 b 1 43 23 21 4 1 43 23 21 4 8 1 43 23 21 41 43 23 21 4 1 43 23 21 4 This exercise comes from one of the most popular books for the classical guitar: Pumping Nylon by American guitarist Scott Tennant.It’s a great reference/exercise book with short memorable exercises for warm ups or technique correction. This method also helps build better knowledge of the use of harmony and theory through applied application. The Classic 1-2-3-4 Spider. ���� JFIF �� C

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