Some of the most egregious ones have already seen multiple bans, but the rest just continue doing their insidious BS free and clear. Who really thinks a card like t3feri is a good addition to legacy? It does, however, mean that when doubting about what the correct cuts are post-sideboarding, it’s often correct to trim down on the number of Force of Wills. This specifically comes up in combo matchups where your Lightning Bolts may not have a meaningful impact on the game when you draw it. Put another way, 64% of Control decks are explicitly Oko decks, while another 12% also sometimes run the card, putting the card in the ballpark of 76% saturation of the Legacy Control Metagame. It's more about what cards you think are OK / not OK to play with. It also helps that this deck can be even more challenging to play against as it is to play with. Against an effect that returns your Underworld Breach to your hand, such as an opposing Petty Theft, you can simply make sure to float an additional 2 red mana throughout your combo turn. I find it really funny how WotC has managed to piss off, like, almost literally every kind of constructed player in the last 12 months.]. The same goes for stacking it like that when you have Karakas, such that your opponent has to discard or use their removal (e.g. The discord between using countermagic as protection and Infernal Tutor as your enabler is a tough one, but both cards have been strong enough that I wouldn’t cut either. By using the escape mechanic on other instants you have in your graveyard, you can exile a card that is targeted by Surgical Extraction as a cost, making sure other copies of the target are safe from its exile effect. (And your post blows anything I could say out of the water!). This is the lowest resource spell-based combo available in Legacy. For example, our opponent would bring in countermagic and discard spells against both control and against combo. As a professional Engineer, statistics enthusiast, and an avid brewer, he's passionate about tuning to mathematically correct decks. Signature Spellbook: Gideon Singles ... Grixis Delver by Freddy Danger. When you allow yourself to access a third mana for your combo (i.e. Infernal Tutor + Lion’s Eye Diamond (in play), 4 mana, twelve-card Underworld Breach combo vs. There has, however, been some reorganization in terms of the metashare of Aggro/Combo/Control. While it’s hard to find ways to keep up countermagic while also wanting to get Infernal Tutor to be hellbent, it is possible if you naturally find one of your Underworld Breaches. It can be annoying but I don't think it's quite as bad as the others. There are two basic ways to approach this. Note that this specific table assumes that your first Lion’s Eye Diamond is already in play, add 1 mana to the start of the combo when you have to play your Lion’s Eye Diamond out as well. I’ll also specifically address the crossover between the plans, and each combo pieces’ utility for the fair Delver game plan in part below. At the end of the day, there are few feelings in Magic better than opening a game on a Delver of Secrets—especially after your opponent committed two Leyline of the Voids onto the battlefield. By using the escape mechanic on other instants you have in your graveyard, you can exile a card that is targeted by. Alternatively, you have the option to accept that you’re not winning the game on the spot with your combo, but are instead forcing your opponent to discard their hand (not against Veil of Summer), building a lethal board-state for the following turn, and sculpting your hand such that you have one or more pieces of countermagic open. As the set-up requirement to continue through interaction can be vast, and it can be challenging to play out. I think Legacy would be better off without these cards. Here are those cards, and why I recommend having them in this strategy. The biggest boost it just got was Force of Negation - brainstorm decks used to have to cross their fingers to dig for FoW, now we’re approaching ‘probable’ hit with access to 8 of these. One of the identifying factors of the Underworld Breach combo is that it’s weak to enchantment removal on Underworld Breach, in addition to the card types typical combo decks are vulnerable to. Before sideboarding, you have access to Lightning Bolt, which is enough to kill your opponent from most life totals, mitigating this issue. Because we wanted another land for the deck, we moved the Karakas to the main deck. I’ve leaned on the side of keeping one Lightning Bolt in the deck, as combo decks might sneak in a creature or two (e.g. Grixis Delver : Jake Jones : Malphagor Showdown Series : 3-4: 07/11/20: Grixis Delver: Uchida Kousuke: Cup: 3-4: 07/11/20: Grixis Delver: Uchida Kousuke: A large collection of Allosaurus ! You can also combo without having any of the cards available, except for a hellbent Infernal Tutor. You both have a minimum number of cards you need access to, as previously addressed, but you also get more options with your combo for each card you have access to in your graveyard. While Dreadhorde Arcanist is very powerful, and attacking with it usually leads getting significantly ahead in a game—it typically needs help to actually close a game out. Sort by: Because you don’t play any basic land and trimmed Dazes, you’re vulnerable to nonbasic lock pieces such as Blood Moon or Back to Basics. Infernal Tutor + Lion’s Eye Diamond, three-mana, six-card Underworld Breach combo. The one that really stood out has been Grixis Breach Delver. It seems like a lot of people aren't happy with Legacy but I don't know if its something that really shows up in metagame percentages. In 2020 SnT is 6%, Depths 4%, Storm 4%, Hogaak 3%, Cloudpost 3%, Reanimator 3%, Elves 3%, Infect 2%, Breach (RIP) 2%, Dredge 1%, Aluren 1%, Food Chain 1%, Doomsday 1%, Bomberman 1%, and Painter 1%. Fighting against the Grixis Breach Delver strategy: It can struggle against strong proactive decks with cards that are good against both plans, such as aggressive Eldrazi decks with their Thought-Knot Seers and Chalice of the Voids. Format: Legacy - DKA. The one-of Kroxa is a weird look in this deck, as it’s not a typical Delver inclusion nor does it play a particular role in the Underworld Breach combo. Having an Underworld Breach in hand doesn’t generally help the full combo, unless you have all three of the non-Infernal-Tutor pieces. Bant Control, 4c Snowko, 5c Loam, Bug Leovold, and Bug Control are all Oko decks, while decks like Lands and Tezzerator frequently run the card. Depending on the matchup the debate is whether or not you want to keep a single Lightning Bolt in your deck for games 2 and 3, against a deck like Blue/Green Show & Tell. To this I say: How many TNNs and Plague Engineers and Uros can we accept on this basis before Legacy just sucks as format? Targeted graveyard interaction, such as Surgical Extraction, is in an interesting spot against Grixis Breach Delver. Seriously: the decks are unique and varied. In practice, this means that both for the storm count for the first Brain Freeze, as well as to play around an exile effect, it’s typically correct to cast Lion’s Eye Diamond an additional time before getting your Brain Freeze out of your deck. Giving up these tools is rough, and requires a strong reason. Control decks were already powerful in Legacy, that something would naturally be strictly better than every previous existing style control deck would make you assume it was tier 0. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However if one change (or card) were to be identified as a potential inciting factor, Oko Thief of Crowns may have titled the scales of format balance. An U/W Miracles opponent had me locked under an early. Though, again, the format may simply re-adjust given enough time. I think you are correct about overall diversity. However I think people are complaining that the format is collapsing to cards that have less decision making to play as and against, thus turning legacy into a haymaker format like modern instead of one where small decisions mattered.Compare the playstyles of snoko to miracles, eldrazi to d&t or rug delver to canadian threshold. The current Underworld Breach combo design we’re using is such that we add in the minimally required amount of combo pieces (Brain Freeze and Underworld Breach) and focus on none but the most powerful enablers (Lion’s Eye Diamond and Infernal Tutor). As with other interaction, you should ask yourself what you should achieve to get around losing your Underworld Breach. Peter has been playing Magic since Mercadian Masques and competitively since Future Sight. At this point, if your opponent doesn’t respond you get to continue your combo by escaping Lion’s Eye Diamond.

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