The ultimate zesty and refreshing sauce, this green goddess dressing recipe will become a quick favorite to top onto salads, bowls or even used as a dip! Here are the best ways we’ve found to use it: As a dip: Dip in carrot sticks and prepare to fall in love. This appeared in the Montreal Gazette after some one requested a printed version of the recipe they tried several years ago. Keep reading for the full recipe: Antoni Porowski’s Green Goddess Dip Recipe. A robust blend of herbs and aromatics like green onion, tarragon, chives, parsley, and garlic create an unforgettable flavor combination. Green goddess dressing is a legendary condiment that’s only grown in popularity over the decades. Easily customizable and made with just a … On a wedge salad: Add a new spin on our Classic Wedge Salad. This healthy Green Goddess dressing is incredibly versatile and makes a pile of raw vegetables taste like heaven! Recipe by Studentchef. READY IN: 5mins. Green Goddess Dressing. Homemade mayonnaise and avocado get blended into this recipe for a silky texture. In Season 2, Episode 2, Antoni teaches nominee William how to make a Green Goddess Dip that’s healthy, super simple to make and perfect with pretty much anything from roasted veggies, to salads and wraps! There really is only three instructions to this recipe so it is really simple to make. YIELD: 2 cups. 10 best ways to serve Green Goddess dressing.

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