You’ve probably seen several Red-tailed Hawks before, as they’re one of the most common hawks in North America. There are three main bodies of water within the park; Little Hunting Creek, Barnyard Run and Dogue Creek. Catch them year-round in Virginias, often perched on tall vantage points or circling overhead. During the 2019 watch participators spotted up to 136 different bird species with a total count of over 30,000 birds. Please ... Virginia Beck. The Greensprings Nature Trail is a gorgeous wetlands and forested area that is easily accessible by foot, bicycle or even rollerblades. Osprey are a unique type of hawk with a diet consisting of mainly fish. The Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge is located near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge – Tunnel. It is located in the Blue Ridge Range of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. The best time for finding Swainson’s Hawks in the Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge is mid-October to early November. This makes it home to many different both large and small. The Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge is located at the tip of the Delmarva Peninsula, where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. Highland County used to have a significant proportion of shrubland too, but this is gradually being replaced by either farms or forestry. These are neither considerably large nor small hawks. Rockfish Gap, where the annual hawk watch takes place, is the Southern Entrance. Length: 17.7-25.6 in Weight: 24.3-51.5 oz Wingspan: 44.9-52.4 in. Listen for their iconic raptor screech — you’ll surely recognize it as the same call used for hawks, and other birds of prey, in most movies and television shows. They prefer decidious trees that are near bodies of shallow water, usually swamps. As mentioned, the Greensprings Nature Trail is a combination of wetlands and forest. Red-Tailed Hawks are buteos but their shape is easily distinguishable from others in the family. They have short tails and long broad wings that they hold in a shallow v-shape during flight. There are many different trails to choose from varying in distance. It is the site of an annual hawk watch organized by the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Conservatory. The different types of landscapes is what brings together so many bird species. When kettling, birds glide on thermal lifts to preserve their energy during the long haul south. This is where you find a 4.5 mile trail looping around the lagoon rich with all kinds of birds. You will most likely spot a Red-Shouldered Hawk perching nearby Lake Drummond, on the lookout for prey. They often circle high above the treetops, scanning the ground for small mammals. Rough-Legged Hawks’ natural habitat is in the coldest climates like tundras and the Arctic. Greensprings Nature Trail starts directly behind Jamestown High School in Williamsburg. Both birds even share the same flap-flap-glide flying style. However, if you’re lucky you’ll catch their fall migration, when large flocks of hundreds of thousands travel to South America. Large (16 - 32 in) Gyrfalcon Gyrfalcon: Large northern falcon with three color morphs: dark, white, and gray. So many different kinds of hawks make their home in Shenandoah because the landscape is a great hunting ground. Huntley Meadows Park is home to over 200 species of birds. They spend their days gracefully soaring over open areas or perched in cottonwoods, willows, and mesquites along lowland streams. Gray Hawk-like in Virginia > What was the SIZE of the Gray Hawk-like bird you saw in Virginia? Like the Eastern Shore Wildlife Refuge, the Great Dismal Swamp is an important migration route for all kinds of birds, including raptors. Ospreys are a unique large raptor but with very long slender bodies, wings and feet. Length: 9.4-13.4 in Weight: 3.1-7.7 oz Wingspan: 16.9-22.1 in. Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge Website | Wikipedia Page | Google Maps Location. Carved from basswood and finely detailed with acrylic paints, each one is extremely lifelike from head to tail feathers. These hawk species are less afraid of humans and so more commonly found near urban and suburban areas. Cooper’s hawks are very similar in appearance to sharp-shinned hawks, making it difficult to differentiate between the two. [Learn The Nutrient Content & More]. This is one of the most recognizable hawks thanks to the brown feathers above and white feathers below. This is also where most of the trails start. Required fields are marked *. They’re medium-sized to large birds of prey that generally belong to two distant categories — accipiters and buteos. Helping You Learn More About Birdwatching. Broad-Winged Hawks are small compared to other raptors but have they relatively large brown heads and bodies. Despite the high elevation, this nature park is still easily accessible by car. Not only does this attract raptors but it is home to over 200 different bird species. With no 2 birds being the same, one of these works of art would make a wonderful gift to any bird lover. Dutch Gap Conservation Area Website | Wikipedia Page | Google Map Location. They share the buteo shape along with the Red-tailed hawk, but with longer, more narrow wings. Being a wetlands area, it is especially popular among raptors that eat amphibians. The area is an interesting combination of sandy beaches and pine forest but mostly shrub-scrub. Next to the waters are plenty of trees and shrubs which are the ideal resting place for birds. Most of the area is covered with contiguous forest with red maple being the most common tree. I’m James, that’s Torrie, and this is! You can find both kinds of hawks in Virginia, and in this article we’re going to cover them all. Ferruginous Hawk: Large hawk, white head, streaked, rust-brown shoulders, back, and feathered legs. There are three main types of ecosystems within the park; wetlands, forests and rock outcrops. This page has even more interesting facts about Red-tailed hawks. The type of hawks nesting in this area are the raptors with a diet of mainly mammals. Your email address will not be published. There are 7 types of Hawks in Virginia you might find. Swainson's Hawk: Large hawk, dark brown upperparts, white throat, rufous upper breast, pale buff underparts. However, besides the wildflower and tall grass meadows there are also areas with secondary forest. Access to the park is free and it is open year-round. It is the site of an annual hawk watch organized by the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Conservatory. They often fight and try to steal food from one another, though sometimes they do pair-up to eliminate a common enemy. There are three main entrances to the park but birdwatchers are recommended to start at the Visitor Center on 3701 Lockheed Boulevard, Alexandria. Light morphs have pale underwings with dark tips while the dark morphs are overall dark with the exception of paler trailing edges. There is a clear difference in vegetation between the lower altitude valleys and the high altitude area which offers an interesting mix of birds. Cooper’s Hawks are one of the most common hawk species in the US, often found in forests and even backyards with lots of trees. Below is a list of the best bird watching spots in Virginia and which hawk species you might see there. It is sometimes placed in the genus Asturina as Asturina plagiata. 8 Species of Owls In Virginia (With Pictures). The Eastern Shore of Virginia is a key route for migratory birds. A tropical species that barely crosses the border into Arizona and Texas, the Gray Hawk is an elegant, raincloud-gray raptor with neatly barred underparts. These raptors are buteos meaning they belong to the larger sized hawks. There are three main morphs of Red-Tailed hawks. There are both light and dark morphs making them more difficult to identify. You’ll only be able to catch the non-breeding population of Rough-legged hawks in Virginia during the winter. Huntley Meadows Park Website | Wikipedia Page | Google Map Location. During the summer these hawks reside in the arctic tundra, hunting and raising their young before migrating south to escape the cold. Hi! At the same time, the installed features that support wildlife and bird watching including wheelchair-accessible boardwalks over the wetlands. However, Cooper’s hawks are larger with slightly broader wings. There are four official entrance stations with the Skyline Drive running along the park’s entire length. ]. Why Do Birds Fly in a V Formation? The Dutch Gap Conservation Area is great for bird watchers because of the biodiversity and varying landscape. It is easily accessible from the John Tyler Highway making it a popular outing for those living in Richmond. This article contains affiliate links. Gray Hawk Systems Inc. is located at 516 S Independence Blvd in Virginia Beach and has been in the business of Business Services, Nec since 2011.

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