—– Prepare! Strategy : Destroy Baal the fastest you can before he attacks you with all his parts. Walk straight through and press the icon. —– Room of Illusions Walk north to the center of the room. The spirits will creat a door to the Spirit Sanctuary. Talk to Lilly and Sue like normal until you’re told to head for the Port to get your answers. Pick the right platform and smack the next two buttons. Assits to the nice cinematic scene and go back to Dight Village with the Spear. … mmm …. Heal when HP reaches about 70 or so and you shouldn’t have a problem. Head foward from the save point and fight the first Gaia Boss. The Mountains are devided in two areas. Now is the time to buy stuff in the shops. The next morning, feel free to use the save point. Gold Pouches, Revival, Mag Fruit, Demon Eye Stone, Power Seed, 2 Speed Seeds. Leen and Mulen shall enter too. Anyway. For Grandia on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 20 guides and walkthroughs. With Feena, you should have all your spells and the first Icarian Power (World End). Explore a little around the save point to get a Mana Egg. I knew Laine’s women were wierd, but the men … anyway. Recommended Level: 15 Potion, Cholla, Antidote, Bamo Fruit, Vaccine, Magic Fruit, Fire Charm, Power Seed, 2 Mana Eggs. BOSS: GREAT SUSANO-O (BODY, AX, IRON BALL) Talk to the secretary until you get the password. After Rapp shows you his incredible knowledge of the computers, head to the passage way that can be accessed by the control room. Talk to the lady and press X to clean the bathtub. STRATEGY: Use your strongest attacks on this jabronie and you should be more than fine. One thing to keep in mind here is to watch out for the spiders perching on the cliffs above who’ll gladly ambush you in a moment’s notice. Inside it is an opening to underground which you should enter. Explore the rooms in the J Base, and when you get to the room with the almost dead guard, touch the statue and a secret path should open. Proceed foward and meet Sue and Gadwin. Grandia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Yes, Sue !! Recommended Level: 11 Items: 13 Gold Pouches, Mushroom Shield, Move Shroom, 2 Mana Eggs, Demon Amulet, 2 Healthweeds, Mage Seed, Disease Charm, Confusion Charm, Sickle, Hail Bow, Pirate Helmet. An easy boss if you know what to do. The only way to go is to follow him. Items: 6 Gold Pouches, Speed Seed, Agility Fruit, Gust Knife, Trust. Go around the rock ledge where the save point was, down the ledge. Just beat the soldiers and find Leen destroy a Gaia Battler. Turn the next wheel and go back north. Enter the northeast side passage down them. Go east at the next break and enter the second area. You can explore east if you want. So switch once and exit at the end. —– HP: 1500/1500 Potion, Golden Potion, Mage Seed. And then, AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! Press the green button on the floor. Go to the Seagull Tavern and talk to Lilly. The final Stashing Place: There is a Stashing Place just front of where the final boss … At the save point, there’s an other Gaia Battler. When you wake, you’ll be in New Parm! She’s there !! That new tunnel will lead to the last save point. A short cinematic scene with the plying bird there. If you want to climb up (you’ll have to if you want to move on in the game), press the X button by the wire hanging down and up on the D-pad to climb up. Take them back to Gantz. Pick west yet again at the next break and you’ll come to a pass marker. Enter Ren’s house and spend the night by talking to his mother. One staircase later and you’re forced to fight the insect king. —– Camp in area 3 and use the save and stash points as needed. Go southeast again through the pathway. You might not need new weapons, but buy them if you have a lot of extra gold. Follow it. One more platform and an action icon later, and you’re in area 7. In the first area, you need to go through the door in the extreme southwest of the map, then go to the building to the north of where you reappear in order to reach Area 2. —– Part 204: Final Boss Welcome back! Save there and visit the PX to buy new stuff. Items: 14 Gold Pouches, 2 Healthweeds, Blue Potion, Mana Egg, Dragon Scales, Def Seed, Gem Chain. Justin tells Sue he has to go alone and she runs off, coming back to kick him in the shin. Piece of cake for somebody that thinks he has the power of a god.

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