FL4K’s skill trees revolve largely around his loyal pets. Unlike Maya, Amara’s skill trees are geared towards high-damage attacks. There are four Borderlands 3 classes to choose from – Amara, FL4K, Moze and Zane – each with their own skills, progression system, and unique abilities. Moze’s abilities compliment her bombastic approach to battle but still present a variety of playstyles for you to choose from. Unlike many of these other classes, there are actually two really strong builds for Amara right now, her melee build and her elemental build, both of which are very fun for different reasons, but I have to say, I think there is little that compares to surging around with one-hit melee kills in Mayhem 3 with Amara. My time with Borderlands 3 is winding down, at least for the time being. All of which will be very welcome in any skirmish you might find yourself in. Similar to the Gunzerker from Borderlands 2, Moze is all about close combat and explosive, high-impact damage. We’ve been experimenting with Borderlands 3 builds using the hero skill trees, weapon preferences, and character stats. Her skill trees allow her to equip a range of weapons to the beastly battlesuit, including high-velocity railguns and rapid-firing miniguns; she is the Gunner after all. He may not be the strongest, but his kill skill/movement speed builds are a ton of fun, as is the ability to use more than one action skill at a time. The Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters feature returning classes that will be familiar to anyone who played the previous games, as well as introducing the Beastmaster class. As you level up in Borderlands 3 following its September 13 launch, you'll spend points in your chosen Vault Hunter’s unique skill trees to tailor them to your preferred playstyle. I am very glad my first playthrough was with him, even if he’s not exactly my endgame farmer in his current state. The Master tree makes use of the brutally powerful Skag pet and is the best choice for solo players. Enjoy. I simply do not think there is anything stronger than Moze’s immortal grenade build in Borderlands 3 right now, which pairs a massive shield with electric grenades to constantly heal you while also dishing out major damage. With his similarities to Borderland 2’s Zero, you’ll have to be a dab hand at a sniper to get the most out of this hunter. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Michigan Economic Development Corporation BrandVoice. Check out the latest Black Friday PC hardware deals! At least right now. In my mind Zane has far and away the best voicework of all four Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3, often genuinely funny in a game that tries to be hilarious and rarely succeeds. This build avoids her mech entirely (which is currently not scaled enough for endgame), and it makes her an all-around killer in any activity and I have literally never died since I got the final building blocks for this build in place, and I can’t say the same about any other characters. Each of Zane’s skill trees offer radically different styles of play, including a skill tree with an emphasis on health regeneration and protecting the rest of the team and a damage-heavy one with a deployable drone. This may get nerfed further, but right now, nothing can touch FL4K. It’s just a joy to play her no matter what you’re doing and I think she’s got some of the best build diversity out there right now. We sometimes include relevant affiliate links in articles from which we earn a small commission. There are four Vault Hunters to choose from in Borderlands 3. Could be Moze depending on whether or not the boss can be targeted by grenades (many can’t). His Hitman skill tree focuses on high-damage output and makes use of his SNTNL drone that will aid him on the battlefield. Finally, her Fist of the Elementals tree is the ideal choice for co-op play as it contains a number of abilities that will aid your whole team. The gang are up against The Calypso Twins: Tyreen and Troy as they investigate the Children of the Vault cult, which have their own explosive class of Borderlands 3 guns. I … Runner up: FL4K, who even if his Fade Away build is boss-focused, is still fantastic in moment to moment gameplay with its super short cooldown and huge damage. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Get involved in the conversation by heading over to our Facebook and Instagram pages. The Hunter skill tree allows you to make the most of FL4K’s sharpshooting abilities and unleashes the Spiderant to aid him. That includes Moxxi, Ellie, and the loveable robotic hindrance, Claptrap. FL4K’s variable skill trees revolve around his robotic pals and their ability to send elemental wave attacks or buff FL4K’s current stats. And, while we’re at it, who are the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3, and what skills do they bring to the table? Runner Up: Probably Amara, though I suppose FL4K’s detached robot-ness can be fun too. I don’t think you can go wrong picking anyone, and I would advise against picking people solely based on a powerful build, given that other characters could be buffed later, or the strongest stuff can be nerfed (which is already starting to happen). Amara’s abilities offer the opportunity for a range of different playstyles. She’ll still be helping her teammates out: Amara boasts a range of phasing abilities that suspend enemies in the air, knock them backwards, and turn them against each other. Your Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters and their classes are: Taking the torch from Maya and Lilith from the previous game, Amara is the playable Siren in Borderlands 3. No Borderlands 3 classes list would be complete without the silent assassin, Zane. You may opt-out by. I also want to give everyone else their fair due, however, if you’re thinking about picking someone besides the person with the current best build. Amara possesses phasing abilities, focusing on elemental damage and powerful blows. I have put well over 100 hours into the game and now have four level 50 Vault Hunters who have beaten or are about to beat UVHM and each have their own version of an overpowered build or two. The four new Vault Hunters of Borderlands 3 are all well-versed in a wide variety of weaponry, but what really sets them apart from the average mercenary are their unique skill sets. The Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters feature returning classes that will be familiar to anyone who played the previous games, as well as introducing the Beastmaster class.

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