This can happen out in the wild between natural and GMO plants, crops and foods. To date, more than 3,000 scientific studies have assessed the safety of these crops in terms of human health and environmental impact. In terms of food texture, GM Food has been developed to have better texture, flavor and nutritional value. Potential Impact Of GMOs On Humans & Human Health, The Environment, & Wildlife & Animals. GMOs can reduce air pollution in this way. 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10., 11., 12., 13., 14., 15., Home » Information Guides » Potential Impact Of GMOs On Humans & Human Health, The Environment, & Wildlife & Animals. This chemical is water soluble, and can get into water sources like groundwater, rivers, streams, oceans etc. Generally known as gene flow, through pollination, mixed matings, dispersal or microbial transfer. In addition, Roundup Ready plants may not allow necessary micronutrients to be absorbed by animals consuming them. For the benefits of those who might be hearing this term GMO for the first time, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms and it stands for those organisms whose original or natural status has been altered through what they called Bioengineering Technology.GM Foods are therefore any food produced from those genetically altered organisms. The more you spray glyphosate, the more likely it is that the weeds will evolve to survive glyphosate treatment. GMOs can reduce air pollution in this way. In the midst all these commercial benefits, it is left to be proven how Genetically Modified foods benefits the health of consumers. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Less pesticides and fertilizers has the potential to decrease water pollution. GM crops increase productivity on existing agricultural land and protect biodiversity by sparing lands not intensively cultivated. Disclaimers:- The information in this website is intended for educational and informational purposes only. In fact, genetic modification can improve the nutritional content of some foods, for example, low … If more pesticide is used on weeds and pests, this increases the amount of chemicals that seep into the soil, and increases soil contamination. Perhaps one of the most important health benefits of GM Foods is the enhancement of antioxidant presence in crops with less antioxidant.Antioxidants are very important in the body as they protect the body cells from free radicals. Debate continues over genetically modified foods, with proponents claiming that crops derived from genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, offer benefits to farmers and consumers alike, while … For the most part, GM foods are developed to have enhanced nutritional content compared to some organic foods. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some argue that by using GMOs as a band aid to the above issues, that we are avoiding those issues. Coming to the area of health, there seems to be diverse opinion as it regards the health benefits derived from GM Technology. The steady rise of GMO saw in 1998, about 80% of fields in the USA planting GMO Corn and even though they have been series of voices raised against the rise of GM Technology with many questioning the health and environmental safety of  foods produced with GMO, many farmers remain adamant that the science behind GM Technology is safe and gives farmer more yields. Some of the genetically modified crops like Soybean, potato, maize, canola oilseed, tomato, squash, and chicory are able to resist herbicides. Well, it depends on the angle you are looking at, from the commercial perspective, yes, GMO has lots of benefits but from the health aspect, well maybe not many benefits, but overall, there are few important benefits GMO Foods has that cannot be overlooked. GMO seeds can be engineered to retain moisture longer, which reduces the need for freshwater irrigation.

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