Both worked out well. Thanks phill,for the link and prompt reply and interest. Could you explain a bit more about this method please. Thanks for posting. I wouldn’t say that it’s a standard time, but it’s a good starting point. And Malaysia being a Muslim country, we don’t get white pudding, and it’s tough finding sausage casings here, so I used aluminum foil instead. White Pudding Cooking Instructions. I would love to find a recipe thats close to their flavor. Indeed it is the first cheese that many Irish consumers were exposed to as children thus it has huge nostalgic appeal. Now, I have to admit, I can take-or-leave these Irish delicacies but I believe that this recipe is as close to the commercial ones, as we can get. If you think mixture is not dry enough add more flour and breadcrumbs. Galtee Black Pudding 200g ... Only £1.39 I hear you ask? Method Trade customers, please use the contact page to make an enquiry and one of our experienced sales / export team will be in touch. Hove to say. You can see his recipe here: This recipe is terrific and helps keep my memories of Ireland a little closer. Thanks. Just finished smoking elk sausage links and also made Scottish Lorne sausage but that was a bit bland. Chilled. John. I’d like to eliminate any hassle if you, Phil, or anyone else has experience with using sausage stuffers with a meat mixture such as this. Regards, Nobby. ROI Lo-call: 1850 924 632 NI Lo-call: 0845 378 0388. The main thing to remember is to keep the temperature low, otherwise they’ll split and you’ll end up with porridge! Puddings may be eaten immediately or within a few days. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. So, I have decided to try making my own, using your recipe, but with the addition of garlic powder. not like the pudding 20 years ago but like the modern irish puding today. Cheers. I’ve made the following changes in recent batches and am happy with the end result: - I tripled the amount of fresh onion, this is key and makes the most noticeable difference in the flavor – Used 70% scottish oats (this is what “medium oatmeal” is called in the states, or at least what my research has determined) and 30% rolled oats that have been chopped in a food processor/chopper – Added a little more salt and a little less spices. Cooked Cured Meat - Hams, Corned Beef etc, Smoking and Barbecue (BBQ) options & Resources, Sausage and Curing Equipment and Supplies, Converting a Fridge into a Curing Chamber -…. Hi phil, There’s a recipe for the Scots version here: i will make a few tweeks and make it my own though :D thanks. Comment moderation is enabled on this site. 50g ground allspice I’ve been in love with white pudding since i first tried it in Dublin in 2012 (a bit at par with my love for my guy haha). Hi Phil, grew up on white puddings in NL (Canada). Cheers, Joe. 265gm Medium Oatmeal I live in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, the local company that produces freshly made White Pudding is Horyls in New Waterford. This means that your comment will not be visible until it has been approved by an editor. 1 nutmeg, grated Customer Services: Consumer Relations, PO Box 118, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry. That sounds like a great idea. Doesn’t Scott Rea use pearl barley rather than oats in his white pudding recipe? I grew up in the South Island of New Zealand & white pudding was eaten regularly (not so much in the North Island ) & we are about to try a wee bit different recipe than the one above & using hog caseings I’d love to hear more when you try to re-create your Mum’s recipe. Allergy Information . Product turned out just as I remembered them. Hiya, I think one of the main ingredients of white pudding in my part of Ireland is minced liver and heart as well as suet. A slice of pud? Shaw’s is good but not the most upmarket. Tom. Tie one end of the casing firmly with cotton string. Galtee bacon and puddings are perhaps the best known ingredients of the phenomenon we call "the full Irish breakfast!

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