Father Divine, prominent African-American religious leader of the 1930s. Respecting religious differences while celebrating our common humanity, Religions for Peace is active on every continent and in some of the most troubled areas of the world, creating multi-religious partnerships to confront our most dire issues: stopping war, … And third, in order to fulfill the mission of religion, we should contribute to the development of world peace by means of an organization in which all religious leaders would participate. The many other dimensions and impacts of religion tend to be downplayed or even neglected entirely. The United Religions Initiative (URI) is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world. The Asian Conference of Religions for Peace, also known as Religions for Peace Asia, is the world’s largest regional body of religiously-inspired people working for peace, harmony and the well-being of people in their own countries, in the Asian-Pacific region. Religions for Peace USA (RFPUSA) is the largest and most broadly-based representative multi-religious forum in the United States, with participants from more than 45 religious communities, representing diversity within in each of the major faith traditions and many of the minor ones. Start › › › On Peace Mission at Lake Constance: Religions for Peace. Contact Feel free to get in touch with us via phone or send us a message Phone: + 49 8382 911 4500 + 49 8382 911 4500 19.08.2019 von Ulrike Speyer On Peace Mission at Lake Constance: Religions for Peace. The African Council for Religious Leaders – Religions for Peace (ACRL-RfP) "Let us protect ourselves and those we love from Covid19" The International Peace Mission movement is a religious movement started by Father Divine, an African American, who claimed to be God.Its heyday was in the great depression of the 1930s.. Council for World Mission Christian Leaders write to G20 Finance Ministers. The Depression-era movement he founded, the Peace Mission, was originally dismissed as a cult, but it still exists and is now generally hailed as an important precursor of the Civil Rights Movement. Mission. July 15, ... Multifaith Chaplaincy is a research and development project by Religions for Peace Australia to develop culturally diverse chaplains in the religions that provide services to multifaith Australia. Mission: To encourage believers of all religions to find the themes of peace and reconciliation in their own spiritual heritage To conduct peace-building activities, debates on social problems in which religions may be involved and educational activities at the international, regional, national and local level. February 4, 2020 by Admin. Peace Mission, predominantly black 20th-century religious movement in the United States, founded and led by Father Divine (1878/80–1965), who was regarded, or worshiped, by his followers as God, Dean of the Universe, and Harnesser of Atomic Energy.. The contribution that religion can make to peacemaking--as the flip side of religious conflict--is only beginning to be explored and explicated. The movement began in New York City. Reportedly born on a Mobilizing religious leaders and their communities to build peaceful, just, hopeful and harmonious societies in Africa. In the popular mind, to discuss religion in the context of international affairs automatically raises the specter of religious-based conflict. Asian Conference of Religions for Peace in Action: Its Vision, Mission and Flagship Projects.

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