Hi mom’s,iam very much worried about my baby weight….by birth he is 2.7, now he is 10 months and weight is 7.3….it is very less weight…he is very thin…not interested in eating…can pls suggest what foods to increase the baby weight… waiting for maximum responses from u mom’s.. please help me. As your child grows, include her in decisions to choose meal options and let her help you with cooking. Focus on providing a healthy, well-balanced, and nutritious diet and don’t just concentrate on weight gain. Fish is also the only dietary source of Vitamin D. Start with low mercury fish for your baby after 8 months of age. Till dinner she takes bm only or sometimes she loves to eat sweet dalia. Parents also need to make mealtimes interesting so that their child looks forward to it and doesn’t become a fussy eater. There should be 3 or more stools per 24 hours. Eggs are a healthy option for your child’s growth and development. Food to gain weight for a 6 month old baby: Gals, when can i give tomato to my 6 months old ? Are you looking for Superfoods which can help your baby to gain weight? hi , my baby boy is 9 months old and his weight is 7 kg . 2) as its summer time, its normal that we don’t feel hungry. Promote your child to do the physical activities, which can help to increase child’s appetite. Thank you Neelima. Have set mealtimes so that the child’s body cycle is set accordingly. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. Mam, my baby boy is 6 months 10 days old and weighing 6.25kgs but he is looking heathy, His weight at birth was 3.2Kg, we are very much worry about her current weight. Such snacks develop baby’s eating habits by picking up the food himself and eating it. Parenting.Firstcry.com accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Include butter in your child’s diet in the right amount. All rights reserved. Have a good gap better two meals so that your child can be hungry and eat well. Introducing Solid Food to Babies if she us active and healthy then she is good. My princess is 3 years old. And also eats properly. She is very active but doesn’t eat properly. Here are a few tips you can try to boost weight gain in your child: Also Read: High Fiber Rich Foods For Babies. It is the perfect food for your baby. You can make ghee from milk at home also. My baby is eight months old, though she is very active and energetic, she doesn’t enjoy the food, mostly she remains on breast milk or cow milk. Bananas are high in carbohydrates, potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamins C, and B6. Her weight is not increasing. Always make the mealtimes pleasant and not rushed as this will make the mealtime fun for the child and he/she will eat the food more happily, which will ultimately add to the baby’s growth. He is eating OK but still he is not gaining weight and so thin.. His weight is 13kg . Do you think, your baby is latching correctly and he is taking sufficient calories from breastmilk? Hi, my son has cerebral palsy as result of brain injury during birth. It is recommended that the baby is exclusively breastfed during the first 6 months of her life, and eventually introduced to other liquids or semi-solid foods while still being fed breast milk. If you think that a chubby baby is a healthy baby then you are wrong. Around 7–9 months is the appropriate time to introduce your baby to some more new flavours and textures. Hy mam..my baby girl is 15months old and now her weight is 7.9 but from the last 4 month her weight are the same..kindly suggest why she is not gaining her weight???? This is the most nutritious, easily digestible, perfectly balanced, and healthiest superfood that can build your child’s immunity for life. Appreciate her when she tries out something new. If we consider this birth weight then he is good for me. She is not taking milk properly and she is still on oxygen support due to respiratory disorders. can you please help me to how to do to improve my babies weigh, she was born with 3.5 kg but now she has 6 months old but her weight is not improve.

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