The Flight Operations department includes the following sections: Cabin Safety; Commercial Operation; Private and Special Operations; Overall Flight Operations responsibilities: 1. Flight Operations Inspector Hand Book – Part 6 ( Medical Certificate). The department is segmented into the appropriate aircraft categories and operational parts as determined in the regulations. They make sure that the airline has the right aircraft in the right place at the right time, with the right crew, ready to go.Individual 㙖��q�IPn�z����.~6��f����z� ��H emission and noise) 2. Flight crew ratings issue, revalidation and renewal. //-->, Powered by ChronoForms -, Copyright © 2014 Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission. The Flight Operations Group is responsible for developing safe CNS and air traffic management operations using existing and emerging technologies and innovative operational concepts. The Group enables better informed decisions through the responsibilities listed below. ���1)�� � �� Whether a flight can be performed safely and in the most efficient conditions depends on a number of significant factors that must be under control from the initial planning until the aircraft is parked at its destination. Implementation of flight operations safety over sight program. The department has a key role within th… Flight examiner authorization issue and renewal. Flight operations officers are responsible for and control the day to day running of an airlines control centre. Flight dispatcher license issue and renewal. The Flight Operations Support Department's role is to coordinate all these technical and operational factors such as the weather, overflight permits, route planning, aircraft performance, airport facilities, the aircraft’s technical condition or fuel requirements. endstream endobj startxref b- Moreoreover, The Flight Operations Standards Department perform the role of Training and Licensing for flight crew to include certification, oversight and licensing , and just the role of issuance of related license and certificate for aircraft maintenance and air traffic control personal, the other responsibilities like certification, oversight and licensing process for maintenance and air traffic control are the responsibilities of Airworthiness Standards and Air Traffic Safety And Standards Departments. Flight Operations is an important department in the Aviation Safety Operations division of SACAA. Flight Operations Standards Department Structure, P.O Box 7547 Amman-11110 Jordan Fax: +962 6 4872173 Phone: +962 6 4884832 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. //