When it is on, the item you crafted will become an untradable “Collectable”, and can only be used for turn-ins. Make sure you have Collect activated, and journey to the fishing hole that your desired collectable fish lives in. It's available for Culinarian , Alchemist , Weaver , Leatherworker , Goldsmith , Armorer , Blacksmith , Carpenter . They are removing Collectible Synthesis as an action, but are keeping Rowena. Because it’s possible for collectables to have different collectability ratings, they will never stack and can’t be quick … The Collectable Synthesis crafting action is earned by the Carpenter class at level 50. Actions used in a combo will generate additional damage and effects. Collectable items are also non-stackable. These are extremely simple, and actually quite easy to get once you get the hang of it. I believe turn-ins are collectible versions of normal items, so I'm unsure how crafted items will be distinguished now without Collectible Synthesis as an action. You can turn it on/off any time during your crafting session. Ephemeral nodes will also use collectors glove, but the collectible items will then be reduced into crystals, clusters, and aethersands. Unspoiled nodes will give you scrip turn in items, for which you can trade in for any number of things, including exclusive crafting mats. First you just check which fish are currently able to be turned in under the Timers menu and make note of the minimum collectability you need to be able to turn it in. We now have a button called “Collectable Synthesis” which we learn very early in our "continued" lvl 50 class quests. Turning on Collectable Synthesis just turns your high-quality progress bar into a collectability rating bar. It has a cast of 0 seconds, a recast of 0 seconds. You using the same set of skills, but the end result is different. Collectable Synthesis - Carpenter actions and traits in FFXIV. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Do not use the toil skill, instead reveal the item with a blind smack (on the right slot of course) Reply. Collectable Synthesis is an action unlocked by questing at level 50. Carpenters use CP, which stands for Crafting Points and is similar to MP and TP. Skills that raise quality will also raise collectability. All Fisher actions are exclusive to that job. Actions Actions are skills that the Fisher can equip to their bar and select to use at any time as long as their timer is available. (3) Collectables for Fishing.

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