Should Ferrus Manus ever return, as Chapter dogma asserts he will, it is certain that Paullian Blantar and any others who replicate his feat will be there to greet their Primarch, and to fight at his side in the final battle. His head was cut off no one could survive that!" The impact shattered the mountain top, burying Ferrus deep in the ice in a tremendous explosion of steam. This was the greatest deployment of the Chapter for centuries, and was accompanied by the majority of the Iron Council. As the Daemonic entity was confronted by the Clan Companies Raukaan and Sorrgol in their entirety on Gaudinia Prime, Iron Father Kristos was corrupted, both body and soul. A small group of surviving Iron Hands managed to elude the Traitors' closing trap and flee off-world, but the Xth Legion had been shattered in body and spirit and would play no further role in the Horus Heresy as it moved to recover from its critical losses at the Drop Site Massacre. He brought his word and his bond, but it was the gift of bone the men of Iron took heed of. He pointed out towards the northern edge of the Urgall Depression so that Ferrus could see that it was he and his fellow Loyalists who were undone. Ultramar's most stalwart ally. The possessed Fulgrim then delivered Ferrus's head to Horus. Fulgrim freaks out. "They are not my hands. When the Primarch of the Xth Legion was discovered, he was among the first of the Emperor's lost sons to be found, and, like Horus Lupercal and Leman Russ before him, had risen to become a warlord in his own right on the world on which he had been cast. With them came warriors of the Emperor's Children. Never again would it be put asunder.’ [7], On the world of Draor, Inquisitor Kinebad, accompanied by a companion named only as 'Scar-borne', uncovered an ancient Obelisk detailing a pact made between Guilliman, Dorn and the Shattered Iron Hands legion. Ferrus Manus also led the bravest warriors of the clans to delve into the frozen realms below, breaking open long-sealed vaults and intruding into ice-buried fragments of the great machine-works that had plunged from the skies in ancient days in search of salvage and strong metal. As the Warmaster Horus made the opening moves of his rebellion on Istvaan III, Ferrus Manus' oldest and dearest friend Fulgrim was ordered by the Warmaster to meet with the Iron Hands Primarch aboard his flagship Fist of Iron in the hope that he could be swayed to the side of the Traitor Legions who now served Chaos. They were said to fight with valour across the galaxy, cutting a swathe through any that opposed the Emperor's word. Fulgrim laughed and declared Ferrus a "terrible gorgon," saying that if the Primarchs did not value beauty, then they would never appreciate the stars they were to win back for their father. Attacking these vital fuel stations, the two Imperial Expeditionary Fleets drew the Diasporex fleet out into open battle as the human-alien alliance sought to avoid utter annihilation at the Imperials' hands. [7] As of M41 Ferrus’ skull is at the center of the Eye of Medusa upon an altar watched over by Helfathers. All across the Urgall Depression, hundreds died with every passing second, the promise of inevitable death a pall of darkness that hung over every warrior. [10] He was also seen fighting with a wrench-shaped Power Weapon.[2]. The Chapter bent their every effort to purging the weaknesses of the flesh, never realising that the more they demonised their wants and needs, the greater the hold the spectre of their repressed emotions gained upon them. Only unity—unity under the rule of the Emperor—could truly ensure the survival of Mankind in such a hostile galaxy. If they can't write a way for Alpharius and/or Omegon to come back they don't deserve their own IP. Treacherous warriors twisted by hatred fought their former brothers-in-arms in a conflict unparalleled in its bitterness. The Legion quickly added their efforts to the Emperor's ongoing Great Crusade, becoming the heart of the 52nd Expeditionary Fleet. Already I see the madness that path leads to, and so I shall excise the silver from my hands. Fulgrim accepted the challenge with regal grace, and both Primarchs had stripped to the waist, working without pause for weeks on end, the forge ringing with the deafening pounding of hammers, the hiss of cooling metal, and the good-natured insults of the two demigods as they sought to outdo one another. Neither Primarch had yet met the other, but each had felt the shared bonds of alchemy and science that had gone into their making. As Ferrus pushed himself to his feet and staggered towards the wounded Fulgrim, he cried out as he brought the flaming blade towards his brother's neck. By the time the Emperor had come to claim him for the Great Crusade, Ferrus Manus was warlord, demi-god and sage to the people of Medusa, and it is said that he was waiting, and that he more than half-suspected the true purpose of his creation. The two Primarchs leapt at one anther, Ferrus wielding Fireblade and Fulgrim holding Forgebreaker. I will turn them away from the gifts of the machine and bid them relearn the mysteries of flesh, bone and blood. Fulgrim’s fixed smile faltered as he truly appreciated the depths of hatred his brother held for him and wondered again how they had come to this point, knowing that any chance for brotherhood was lost. When the fighting is done, I shall cure my Legion and myself. Their only chance to save themselves was not by cutting themselves off from their emotions, but by embracing them, and shackling them to their iron will.

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