The final tweaks are not immediately obvious. EJ – I look at it this way. JN – Yeah, your thumb’s on the back … yeah, totally. You can talk as a player, and as a business man, to him. The final tweaks are not immediately obvious. I like what Evan said about being a 70-year-old startup company. To understand the significance of the American Pro line, I’m going to take you back to the 2016 Winter NAMM Show, when our friends at Fender were showing us the new Elite series (which replaced the USA Deluxe line). Interview with Jim Bergantino of Bergantino Audio Systems. And so on the product side, our job is to create products that are going to meet and exceed the expectations of those artists and players. All four of the neck options (4 and 5-string Jazz, 4 and 5-string Precision) are technically “new,” though they all find their roots in favored neck shapes of yore. Shares. So simple, and so smart! I have a big collection of basses, and I have a lot bass-playing friends, so people will come over and play different things. It ended up a little different on the basses than it did on the guitars, and it kind of went against our natural hypothesis. TB – I, myself, play a lot of P/J’s, and I’ve really found that to be a super-versatile mix, so I definitely get where you’re coming from. The most obvious changes are the two new colors, Antique Olive and Sonic Gray. Alnico 2 magnets are used for the pole pieces serving the lower strings (, The American Pro Precision V brings authentic P-bass tone and punch all the way down to a low. You can talk about the way something sounds, or if it’s not right, or why you would want to change this or that, and he has a much more complete knowledge base. But basically, having a player leading the company is very important. These are not “throw-back” colors; they are brand new mixes of tints. It needs to be a great instrument based upon its own merits. We probably had studio musicians and players who are super devoted to their craft playing the Elite series, and we have many college-age and 20+ year old players come into the category with things like the upgraded Mustang and Duo-Sonic™ offset guitars and basses. The American Pro Precision V brings authentic P-bass tone and punch all the way down to a low B, and feels like it was designed by Leo, himself, back in 1963. For example, if you’re going to try and define what the Fender brand “voice” is, in reality, it’s just the sum total voice of all the artists who use our products. TB – That’s funny, because I recently came to that same conclusion, myself. JN – Yes. I recommend it to tons of people who still want to go all-tube. On the low strings, the alnico 2’s are much warmer, rounder, and enhance their natural sound. Note: as of December, 2016], and one of the awesome things when you walk into a brand like Fender is they have seventy years of authenticity and credibility and artist adoption. We utilized our Artists Relations department, and had blind tests with artists and players, ending up with pretty unanimous winners in those circles. The USA-made Elite series are challenging the highest end of the custom-made J and P-style basses. The Fender American Professional Series Precision Bass continues the legacy of one of the world's most iconic electric basses with a full complement of new Fender American Professional Series Precision Bass for sale on Reverb. We’re always looking at the things which really matter, whether it’s the bridge, the nut, the neck, the pickups, the electronics, etc. On the G and D string, we went with the alnico 5’s, which should “up” the punch, and snap and clarity a little. I joined Nike when it was an $8 Billion company, and left it at $16 billion. JN – Absolutely. Thus began a life-long love of all things bass… After writing reviews in 18 issues of Guitar World’s Bass Guitar Magazine, Tom founded Bass Gear Magazine in 2007. However, they certainly do have an authentic vintage vibe to them. The Fretless Jazz Bass is so much more than a “Jaco machine.” It’s a fantastic, quick J-bass with great feel that just happens to also be fretless. One of my favorite innovations are the new “fluted” tuning shafts. It’s hard not to get excited. And on the marketing side, it’s our job to amplify those stories, and amplify that message. The new Deluxe line brings full features, iconic looks and more to a highly competitive slice of the market.

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