If you or your manager don't have all these managerial skills, hire to fill any weaknesses. by MITSDE | Posted on July 24, 2019 July 25, 2019. Retail marketing decisions are substantially impacted by developments in the political / legal environment. The factors affecting retail merchandising Product Management February 28, 2013 Retail merchandising consists of the planning, buying and selling of goods and products that retailers will then sell to … This environment is composed of laws, government agencies and pressure groups that influence and constrain various organisations and individuals in society. 1. In the present scenario, the retail sector is on a boom. Legal the way in which legislation in society affects the business. Social how consumers, households and communities behave and their beliefs. To identify the various factors influencing investment decisions of Retail investors 2. It is proper retail management that creates a foundation for a prospering retail business. For instance, changes in attitude towards health, or a greater number of pensioners in a population. The business of retail comes with a lot of things to manage. For example, retail inventory management software for small businesses and other IT tools help "behind-the-scenes" business operations by guiding supply chain processes using big data analytics. In such a scenario, the management of retail operations is essential to create a fulfilling customer experience. Factors affecting Retail Management. All managers hold the key to leading employees in the direction the business needs to go, but this is especially true in a retail business. That's because management wears many hats. To suggest the policy makers, to come up with lot of innovative investment avenues based on the influencing factors of investment decisions of retail investors V. SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study is confined to retail … FACTORS INFLUENCING RETAIL MANAGEMENT Social Legal Economical Political Technological 9. Legislation affecting retail business has steadily increased over the years. The role of technology in the retail industry touches nearly every aspect of business for both e-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar stores.

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