At no time can an employer ask an applicant questions about his or her religion, availability during certain times of the year important to the applicant’s religion, or use any religion-based criteria to make a hiring decision. On the other hand, if a female Pentecostal employee at a steel mill asks to wear a skirt while working with heavy machinery, this would pose a significant risk to her safety, although this dress code is a tenet of her religious beliefs. Firefox, or Examples of Employment Religious Discrimination. If an applicant has a name associated with a particular religion and the employer refuses to consider the applicant for hire based on this belief, this is also an act of religious discrimination. What if what you believe is vastly different than those around you? Here are a few examples of what religious discrimination looks like in action. Discrimination against women may also occur when nursing mothers are denied accommodation or breaks to breastfeed. Let's start with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Flexible scheduling, voluntary substitutions or swaps, job reassignments and lateral transfers are examples of accommodating an employee's religious beliefs. One major avenue religious discrimination … The most important civil rights legislation of our time is inscribed in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. | Last updated December 04, 2018. Google Chrome, Workplace discrimination can be categorized into four main types: racial discrimination, sex/gender discrimination, age discrimination, and disability discrimination. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. An employer cannot refuse to recruit or hire … Employers must permit employees to engage in religious expression unless the religious expression would impose an undue hardship on the employer. Generally, an employer may … Your employer has a legal obligation to grant your request if it does not impose a burden, or an "undue hardship," under Title VII. An employer must comply with these reasonable accommodations unless he or she can prove that the accommodations would cause undue hardship, or poses a significant financial burden or safety risk to the business’s operations. For example: a Muslim man visits his local takeaway regularly. Religious discrimination is illegal under federal labor laws, and if you believe you experienced these acts of discrimination in the workplace, you may be eligible for financial compensation through a lawsuit against your former employer. Let's look at some examples of religious discrimination in the workplace and what protections are available. The email address cannot be subscribed. But how much more has the European Court of Human […] #1: Unfair Hiring Practices One major avenue religious discrimination appears in the workplace is through the hiring process. Her employer reassigns her to the warehouse portion of the store because she isn’t following the dress code prohibiting head coverings and he doesn’t want customers to interact with her. All rights reserved. Workplace Religious Discrimination Examples. This factsheet offers an overview of the different types of discrimination with specific examples of how they apply to religious and belief discrimination. An employer also cannot fire an employee because of his or her religion, or in retaliation to reasonable religious accommodation requests. Business Litigation & Commercial Disputes, religious discrimination appears in the workplace. Are you a legal professional? What Are Arizona’s Time Off for Voting Laws? Another example is where a boss sets unfair work schedule that inhibits employees taking time off to observe their religious practices. These accommodations may include flexible scheduling, reassignment of duties, and time off to observe religious holidays. Microsoft Edge. To be clear, "religious beliefs" can include a variety of traditions which are both theistic and non-theistic beliefs. What if your religious beliefs come into conflict with another's person's rights? However, religion can be a very sensitive subject — and some people may commit acts of discrimination against people who have different beliefs than they do. Amanda Jones and Alan Delaney look at the decisions in four recent cases of religious discrimination and discuss their potential effects.Judgment in the cases of four Christian employees in January, who all claimed that their employers’ practices violated their human rights, had been much anticipated. Please try again. Religion. You might be a Protestant, your neighbor an Atheist, and your best friend a Muslim.

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