They can cover almost any topic, from pottery to poetry to Portuguese, but just like any other course you take in high school, colleges will be looking at your electives to see which classes you chose and the grades you got in them. We have compiled a list of 20 online electives with course links to help you fulfill your elective credits. Lessons. About or. As a result, programs in the arts, music, and other creative realms are dwindling. Electives are a large part of most high school transcripts and finding interesting elective choices for high school that you can do online can be challenging. Electives are fun. For all electives, 150 hours of study equals 1 credit and 75 hours equals 0.5 credit. Lessons. Electives in varied topics such as digital photography, marine science, game design, and world languages encourage students to explore and grow to become well-rounded individuals. Refer to the High School Reporting page for … Homeschool Electives for High School. 3. High School Electives Courses. About or. About or. A vibrant elective program in middle and secondary schools should be considered just as precious as the core classes—after all, electives are the one or two periods a day that students have had a say in selecting. Accounting 101. Electives are some of the coolest classes you can take in high school. About or. The 9–12 education features core curriculum courses including, high school science, math, English, and social studies. Your students are ready for the exciting opportunities high school provides. If a student takes additional courses in an area of study, beyond the number required, any additional courses will be used to satisfy the elective requirements. From silly art projects to fun music CDs, electives let you step back from the regular routine of school and just enjoy your unique children. Career Exploration. Business Plan Creation. As the demands and requirements for high school students are shifted towards core classes, such as English, math, and science, high schools across the country are losing money and funds for elective courses. Breadmaking Devotional. Lessons. ... High School Concepts & Skills, Transportation & Machines, & Fun Stuff Resources from World Book.

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