This added note is often referred to as the blue note. If you already know about the major blues scale and would just like to know how to play it in five positions as well as the open position of E, read on. The rest of your content looks very nice! Hi Roger! Influenced my love for Blues further. Here’s how to play the E Major blues scale in the open position. So if I understand correctly. The notes of the C major blues scale (C  D  Eb  E  G  A) are the same as the notes from the A minor blues scale (A  C  D  Eb  E  G), but they start on a different note and are used in another way. Hi Jacob, that’s correct. Here’s a tune called Full Count (written by jazz guitarist Chuck D’aloia) that uses the G major blues scale in its construction. The minor blues scale is one of the most versatile scales that you can use in your guitar solos. You can use the G minor blues scale over Gm7 or G7 (among others), and the G major blues scale over Gmaj7 and G7 (among others). E blues scale. What is difference between g blues : G, Bb, C, Db, D, F And your g major blues: G, A, Bb ,B, D, E…. There are other permutations as well. Hit "Go" to see the result. Scale - Major Blues Scale 1,2,b3,3,5,6 FULL-th pattern Root note - E Guitar Tuning: Standard - E-A-D-G-B-E Here is a sample two-octave fingering for the G major blues scale. Since the key of E appears on the Circle of fifths diagram as both a major and minor key, the Lesson steps explain both ways of constructing this blues scale for this key:. thanks. You can also use it to outline entire keys such as playing an F minor blues scale over a blues in F chord progression, as well as a number of individual chords as listed above. Copyright Jazz Guitar Online 2020 © All rights Reserved. E Major Blues Scale for guitar. Here are the 5 common fingerings for this scale on the fretboard of the guitar, presented here in the key of F. Work on each shape slowly with a metronome in multiple keys across the neck as you memorize each shape and get the sound of this scale into your ears, as well as each shape under your fingers. Standard Blues in A: A minor pentatonic over the A7, D7 and E7, and/or A major pentatonic over the A7, D major pentatonic over the D7 and E major pentatonic over the E7? Here is a sample solo over a G blues chord progression. Both the minor and major blues scale are hexatonic, which means they contain 6 notes. Scale diagrams can also be labeled with either letters or scale degrees. This blue note characterizes the minor blues scale and sounds very bluesy when applied to your jazz guitar soloing lines. There are 2 kinds of blues scales: the minor blues scale and the major blues scale. What notes and intervals are in E major blues? Get it under your fingers so that you can begin to visualize this scale on the fretboard, and hear how it sounds on your guitar. Let us know in the comments below…. This page includes notation/tabs and scale diagrams for each position along the fretboard. Find out how and search through 1000s of scales. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Major blues scale = major pentatonic scale + blue note b3. Explained with competent simplicity. E Blues Scale Notes: E G A Bb B D Blues Scale Formula: 1 b3 4 b5 5 b7 Note: The black dots are the root notes. THE JAZZ GUITAR CHORD DICTIONARY (FREE eBOOK). This added note gives the major blues scale its bluesy vibe and separates it melodically from the major pentatonic scale. Thankyou DIRK ! The 6th note of the scale can act to produce: The main difference between the use of major and minor blues scales is that as the chords change in a blues or other standard form, you have to change scales along with them. The Solution below shows the E blues scale, on the piano, treble clef and bass clef.. There are 5 main fingerings for the major blues scale. I like his scales…. The login page will open in a new tab. Vous serez agréablement surpris. Great lesson. The E Major Blues Scale contains the following notes:. From there, play the first 4 bars as written, and improvise the last 8 bars, before moving on to a fully improvised solo after that. I stumbled upon his video lesson of Blues Guitar and was amazen. If you made any changes to your settings. A very good teacher. Blues Scales – The Major and Minor Blues Scale, Mixing Minor and Major Blues Scales – Joe Pass Blues Solo, 7 Essential Jazz Guitar Scales for Beginners. Here is a list of chords that you can apply the minor blues scale to: As you can see, the minor blues scale is a very versatile scale. Enfin on parle des deux gammes blues. That is : 5th at 6 = 10th fret, where here you give 9th fret. Let’s look at how to build this scale and how it is related to the major scale and the major pentatonic scale. It is fairly easy to finger on the guitar, fun to solo with and a great way to begin playing in a jazz guitar setting. The blues scale is used in bars 1 to 3, and in the bridge. It is fairly easy to finger on the guitar, fun to solo with and a great way to begin playing in a jazz guitar setting. Blue dots are the b5 "blues note" E Blues Scale Diagrams E Blues Scale Fretboard Diagram

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