Can fresh oregano substitute for dried? Dried and fresh oregano can absolutely substitute for each other. If you want another flavor or can’t find it, these substitutes for fresh and dried oregano are perfect for any of your recipes: For Pizza, Pork, and Chicken #1. Marjoram. Just like Oregano, Marjoram is also a member of the mint family and are closely related to each other and is sometimes called the “Oregano’s forgotten cousin”. Marjoram. Oregano Substitutes. Thyme works really well as an oregano substitution as well since it is so closely related to oregano. It does tend to have a slightly sharper or tarter flavor than oregano does but most people will not notice that in tomato-, bean-, or potato-based dishes. Dried herbs can lend their signature, vibrant flavors to all kinds of dishes. 1. Best oregano substitute. Of course, it’s best to run out and grab some if at all possible. Simply adjust the amount you use by substituting three times the amount of fresh oregano as the amount of dried called for. The best oregano substitute? What Can I Replace Oregano With? Marjoram has flavors akin to Oregano, and other members of the mint family which includes sweet basil and thyme. Some chefs even use thyme when baking bread, which will add an amazing aroma to the final loaf. Dry oregano, on the other hand, is more common but has a distinct minty aroma and a very mild flavor, but it is essential on top of pizza or in herb mixes. Whatever you’re cooking, it can be flavored with either. If a recipe calls for one tablespoon of fresh herb, use one teaspoon of dried. You want one third the amount of dried as the amount of fresh that is called for. Can dried oregano be used as a substitute for fresh? The oregano plant, known scientifically as Origanum vulgare, is an herb in the mint family that is common in cooking because of the intense flavor of its leaves.It helps enhance the taste of certain meats and is often used in dishes that feature tomato. Try dried marjoram (also from the origanum family, but similar to Mexican oregano in its citrusy, floral ways) or dried verbena. Your best option is to use dried oregano as you’ll get the same flavor profile. Dried herbs offer a stronger punch of flavor than you can get from the fresh variety, so adjust the quantities accordingly. Basil (fresh or dried). Recommended oregano substitutes. 3 to 1. Got no fresh oregano? Basil. Ratio: For 1 tablespoon fresh oregano, substitute 1 teaspoon dried oregano. How you choose a substitute for oregano depends in part on what exactly it is you’re trying to achieve. (This works for any dried herbs.) Note that how these options work depend on the type of recipe and how the oregano is used. Here's how to measure if you're swapping dried herbs for fresh. You can use nearly the same ratio to substitute for most herbs.

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