When buying supermarket salmon (in fact any fish) is make sure it’s very fresh. B swears you can make sashimi out of Costco salmon. Lox is also technically safer than uncooked salmon. Best to cure supermarket salmon before eating. It’s a win-win, chefs provide a safer product and also makes more business sense. There are a huge variety of flavours and ingredients than can be used Sushi is made using rice that is cured by mixing it with MIRON (cooking rice wine derived from Saki) plus Saki before being rolled into balls and wrapped/topped with raw fish, prawns (Shrimp to Americans). However, the idea of eating raw fish may still make you squeamish. Assuming you have a decent fish monger (as opposed to a kid working the counter at a supermarket), I'd suggest just explaining what you're trying to do and have him or her recommend which salmon to use. I do a fair amount of salmon curing using various methods (rubs, gravlax, smoking, etc.) Salmon and other salt water fish are used often in sushi. You do NOT cure Salmon or any other fish for Sashimi. Long answer: DON'T DO IT. The risk of exposure to anisakis (a parasitic nematode) is not worth saving several, even tens of, dollars. I was mildly (ok, very) skeptical, but I told him if he prepared it, I would eat it.Love is trust, right? Yep, straight into the freezer and only take out what is needed for each shift. As in, turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. Even sushi restaurants do a degree of curing before serving the fish. By curing your fish with salt (a Scandanavian recipe know as Lox), you can maintain the look and feel of Sashimi without having to actually eat raw fish. Simple answer: You cannot do it. It is raw fish, usually as fresh as possible, that is sliced into very thin strips. If a sushi restaurant only sells 5 pounds of salmon a night but they have to order a 100lb case to get the lowest price, then what do you think they’ll do with all the fish once its been fabricated?

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