They are wild caught from Latvia. do they taste ok (to the average non-squeamish person happy with a bit of fish offal). Sprats are delicious. The sprats are tiny, and are normally sold canned – just like sardines. Not a strong flavour like sardines and not as cheap, so if you’re a sardine fan you will find these a little mild. There are lot of products all around the world claiming to be smoked sprats, they are not. My husband would like them I’m sure. It’s not. :)  Here are 3 different ways to eat sprats: 1) Sprats are great on top of the black rye bread, 2) Sprats go really well with the side dish of mashed potatoes, 3) You can mash the sprats with the fork and mix them with hot cooked pasta. Sprats. Sardines are a wonderful, healthy food to give your cat. I eat the whole fish head and all, just like whitebait. Egg and anchovy salad on crispbread. Would make a nice little hors d’oeuvre on a cracker. The little spice & vinegar compliments it well. I think I shall be more adventurous now though! Genuine anchovies are not related to sprats but the result after adding spices and storing are similar. Sorry, but smoked sprats are more like German heritage in Northern part of Europe. I’m not sure we can get them here in Australia. They look like miniature sardines and are recognized by the sharp scales along the belly. They are in Bondi Road Bondi … The shop is called—- Russkis Deli … I brought them from there …. Oh how much easier would it have been if we had seen this first! Really enjoyed this article. They’re delicious, whatever they’re called. Egg in all its forms is the perfect partner, especially the yolk. They might become your new pantry staple! Sprats and sardines are different species. (label) carnelian * Rev 4:3 KJV ; And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. I love all smoked stuff, from paprika to Jewish Smoked whitefish “salad ” at Costco. Interested to try them and will try them fried though they don’t look very appetizing in the picture, will see. I grew up on them. Thanks for the info. Sprats are very popular in Russia where I’m originally from, and they are sold in European ethnic supermarkets in the US. I am not sure, I would like them. Vik. Yet, that sardine tin stares back at you like a menacing foe! Sardines are the larger of the two and can be up to 20 cm in length (7.9 in). Straight out of a can! Your email address will not be published. Sprats are eaten in many places around the world and contain high levels of healthy, polyunsaturated fats. Found in European waters, it has silver grey scales and white-grey flesh. Should I refrigerate the bottle after opening? I love the Riga sprats in oil, on a saltine cracker with a beer during the spring or summer, or with a glass of Ararat 5 Star brandy during the fall and winter. Just purchased a can of Riga Gold Sprats. I love the smoked Sprats canned from Poland. And the Swedish dish Jansson’s Temptation – potato, onion, sprats and cream. In this particular can, the sprats’ heads are removed. I eat them for breakfast over toast. My husband enjoys sardines, so he probably would sprats. I just bought some from Aldi this week, canned in the fish section where tuna and sardines and salmon is found. I have eaten sprats for years. Cheers. Don’t I have to cook them?This my first time to eat Russian canned food. Alternately, food producers may apply the term sprat to some species of commercial American herrings. The name "anchovy" refers to the flavoring rather than the fish. Fortunately, I don’t need to go to a speciality store. So lucky to have many international markets within ten minuets of our home…The wife and I are very adventures eaters. They taste delicious, better than sardines in my opinion. It’s the same fish in tomato sauce. You can buy sprats at any Aldi store in Australia. For natural reasons the same fishe can have different names depending on where they are caught and eaten, not least in the case of small, oily forage fish: Pilchards and sardines are the same species of fish, but sardines live (are caught...) in warmer waters and are less than six inches long. I purchased some sprats in a deli and the guy at the counter said they are delicious with a bit of avocado — I imagine you could mash the avocado, spread on the rye and top with sprats. If you are an adventurous eater, try the sprats! lol. Sprats are eaten in many places around the world and contain high levels of healthy, polyunsaturated fats. Yes Aldi stores have sprats I had them on toast last night. All of those taste great if pickeld, smoked, fryed or preserved in olive oil with a touch of fresh garlic, chilli and dill. Enjoy. Sprats are new to me, too, but I love sardines…and would be happy to sample some sprats to compare :). Fresh anchovies are best at colder times of year. Going to try as a new adventure. I never knew what a sprat was! Further, they’re also weird and scary at times, as they have skin and bones that will make you not want to try them. Actually, they have a strong smell and strong taste. Of course, avoid onions, because they are toxic to cats. It’s a good snack for a camping trip or picnic. These Riga Sprats are getting way popular, many grocery stores cary them in America. Not only will your cat love the fishy taste, but sardines are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which give your pet's immune system a boost and help prevent heart disease. They are very, very delicious! I’ve never heard of sprats before so I am intrigued. They came from Latvia. Delicious! Love this post ? With a slice of fresh baked sourdough bread and a glass of white wine, preferable from New Zealand it’s all perfect. Plain sprats taste like a mild sardine. They are fantastic with Litewski Bread .. You can buy sprats at any Aldi store in Australia. Taste very similar to smoked oysters. I just finished a can of smoked sprat pate I bought at Target. Keep thinking of the Jack Spratt ditty though :P, They look very much like the sardines (canned and bottled) they sell here (in Manila) and we also have smoked versions…I am sure they are delicious! Tinier than sardines, usually smoked and tastier than sardines. Recently discovered Sprats at an ethnic market. On this picture you can see a can of smoked sprats in oil. Covered in flour or doe and fried -delicious. So, I am a big fan of these tiny adorable herrings. On this picture the sprats are on a tiny plate. You will soon receive tips, knowledge and inspiration straight from the kitchen pros.

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