To maintain the “good fragrance” in our house, we often end up spending a lot of money on commercial room sprays. ... DIY Natural Scouring Powder and Deodorizer Recipe (like Comet) DIY … Either way, it's easy create your own personalized room … Any commercial room spray … Ever thought about what’s in your fabric freshener and room deodorizing spray? Perhaps you have pets and it just doesn’t matter how hard you try, you need an odor … While they are helpful yet they have many side-effects. Required Material Downy … DIY Natural Odor Eliminator Spray. A bad odor can ruin your day while a pleasant smell can give you a sense of relaxation and a good mood day. Sometimes you'd like to mask a certain lingering foul odor, other times you just want to make your home smell absolutely delicious. Maybe something unusual happened in your home, or you have company coming over. Well, according to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) guide, one of the most popular brands on the market (Febreze) is highly toxic and gets a failing F grade. *Note because there's Witch Hazel and Corn or Tapioca Starch in this mixture, your bottle nozzle may get a white film … But sometimes you just need a quick freshening up. Spray your room with your new amazing and natural odor eliminator room freshener! Make a DIY natural room scent deodorizer at home to freshen your surrounding along with saving few extra dollars that you would have spent on commercial Febreze spray!

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