Once the shelves were mounted to the wall, we added our rods. Blue Hawk 72-in L x 1.25-in H Extendable White Metal Closet Rod with Hardware. Read more about my Memorial Wall and prayer/meditation area. This is a blog for people who like to solve problems with their creativity. Double-rod systems put this extra space to use with an additional rod mounted a few feet below the top rod. The durable body is constructed of steel for strength and resistance to sagging. You can buy one from the store but making a DIY version gives you the option to easily customize the height/length to fit your closet, plus it's inexpensive, quick and fun to make your own! The way we saw it, we could mimic one of two designs we found online. There are several organization options but they take up too much hanging room. Without the curved option closet designers push the start/stop look and falsely create a variety of reasons why curves don’t work. If you liked this article, you’d also like the following posts: Build a DIY closet organization system with shelves for your walk-in closet. To put up structural support, measure the depth of the side walls of the closet. So I'm either chasing them or my next project. Share it with us! I’m learning towards using them in the garage to organize more. deep. She’s been sewing everything from ecofriendly items to kids products to clothing since, as it has become a passion. If you don't have a drill, you can use a nail and a hammer to make a pilot hole. As an affiliate for Amazon and other sites, I earn from qualifying purchases. This was a great plan to follow. Corner Closet DIY. We have struggled with our small master walk in closet and trying to utilize the corner hanging space. Build the three shelves and paint them white. H x 17.02 in. The curved rod meant carefully placing the two shelves on the left side so we’d get the maximum space to put clothing on the rod. SuperSlide 6 in. Upcycled crib mattress with fitted sheet, pillows, and any other decor, Wood closet rods in lengths needed for closet, Plywood 4×8′ Board Cut into (3) 15 7/8″ Strips. Place the painted cabinet in place with the old crib mattress. Easy to install with mounting plates on both ends (mounting hardware included). 5 years ago, About: Part MacGyver, part Martha, creator, host and producer of Engineer Your Space, an award winning DIY home design show dedicated to clever, affordable and stylish solutions for common challenges faced by renters…. We’d been planning to put in nice shelves for a while, but never got to it. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – JoyfulHomemaking. Totes on shelves to keep folded items dust and spider free unless DIY comes up with another awesome fix. How to Build a DIY Industrial Pipe Walk-In Closet Choose Your DIY Industrial Pipe Walk-In Closet Style. Attach the 2 chain lengths to the top closet rod and to the eye hooks using the chain links, adjusting the height as needed. No drawers. Glad to hear my idea might help you with your closet! Two of the shelves used those dimensions. If you want to hang purses off the hanging rod, you can add more eye hooks on the opposite side of the dowel. This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. The curved rods are 28" and cost $10 each. Add shelving along the top of the closet. I know seating in a closet isn’t traditional, but I love my seating area. of closet rod. x 1 in. I agree I have been looking at my closet trying to make it work better. My kids want to move into my closet now so it may have defeated the whole point of giving me another place to hide, but it is really cozy! I also added a seating area with a memorial wall. It also wasn’t something I felt was necessary because we have bureaus in our master bedroom to hold small clothing items. Cut two pieces of wood that are 1 by 5 inches (2.5 cm × 12.7 cm) to that depth. The video shows some of the details of what we did as well as the final tour.

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