- Being bigger than the average bear. Most people think th… can change the people you surround yourself with in a positive way. I want to talk a little bit about how I've applied it throughout my career both as a powerlifter and bodybuilder and also for rehab. Even though extreme bodybuilding has its advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. advantages - looking awesome and being strong disadvantages - I fill the bath 2 just over half way then I get in and water falls out. 1 decade ago. increased drive in ambitions and dedication. Advantages. Disadvantages: steroid related health risks. The pressure and stress of constantly being judged for you appearance takes a large psychological toll. Jamie555 and W33BAM like this. Bodybuilders have to work out several hours per day in most cases. Relevance. wel 3% bf is rly low. Time consuming The art of flexing to show the most muscle is an art that bodybuilders aim to perfect. Along with the body image problems, these girls also typically suffer from depression. DISADV - Numptys staring Being a vegetarian will not hurt your ability to add muscle. the use of stimulants such as ephedrine, caffeine, Adderall. Even a bad day can instantly become good. MILSY Full Member. 3 Answers. Nov 18, 2012. stairs being hot all the time food bill pulling handles off cupboard doors #3. Jake. Pretty Much "working out " your streching and increasing flexibility and ROM. other than that no. Disadvantages: Not being able to stretch as far as you normally were able to. Finding time to fit this into the average schedule can be very difficult. Messages: 309 Likes Received: 351. sense of well being. Is there any disadvantages on being a bodybuilder? anything under 5% bf is dangerous, ur body needs fat to survive. Also the Disadvantage* I listed above can easily be diagnosed by stretching 5-10mins every day. - A feeling of self accomplishment after every arduous workout and the release of endorphins following it. Being thin is a must for beauty pageants, which is why such a high percentage of contestants suffer from eating disorders. - Being stronger than the average bear. There are a lot of vegetarian who does bodybuilding and it doesn’t hurt them. Answer Save. - Being able to enter bodybuilding competitions! Because it’s not just about building their muscles; it’s also about being able to show them off. ----- A bodybuilder will spend a long time in front of a mirror, flexing. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it takes a lot of time and hard work to get to the level of a bodybuilder. Lv 7. I meant any health issues,diseases.body fat 3-5% ex for jay cutler,ronnie coleman. There's a lot of advantages with the isometric method, being that it can be used for rehabilitation of injured muscles. 0 0. increased knowledge on training, how the body functions, nutrition, and other important things. Favorite Answer.

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