The solution that finally worked for you, also worked for me!!! Thanks for this article! I’m not a big fan of torture. It is more easy! It gets so you forget what one looks like. OMG That worked! If you know of any other solution for the issues listed above, leave us a message in the comments section below so that we may update the guide accordingly. The dozen of other tricks I found did not solve the problem. © All Rights Reserved | digitalwelt is a Digital Culture Magazine of digitalbaze, Inc.Distributor: blue media marketing, Inc., San Diego, California, USA, Protect Yourself from Data Loss and Spyware, Associate JPG Files on Windows 10 With Another Program (like IrfanView), Outlook Problem & Crash Worldwide on July 15th, 2020, How to Prevent Windows 10 to Maximize Screens Automatically, How to Stop Desktop Icons Changing Positions on Windows 10. All my desktop icons changed to Internet Explorer [TECHNICIAN FIX], How to fix blurry and pixelated icons in Windows 10, Unplug the HDMI cable from the back of display 2. I am running Windows 10 Professional and have 4 monitors. But the updates get bigger, the downloads get more expensive, the efficiency drops another level, systems start slower, installations and upgrades take longer, and we keep addressing one more thing Windows doesn’t do, still with the hope we can get excited over what it is doing. With one user’s last laugh over this demand for control~ Right click on the screen –> Go to View –> Change icon size to Medium or Small Fabulous solution and fabulous real critics on MS. In this scenario, the Desktop icons may not be visible if the HDMI display is disconnected and the computer is rebooted. Thank you. :)) Scrambled icons, defeating organization for efficiency and effectiveness, and this is the best we got. Hello, NB: This is a cross-post from the Windows_10-start-winpc group . I connect it to an external monitor and use hdmi cable. My marketing surpasses my need to be functional.) Forcing desktop icons to my primary screen was essential for my application… which is 2x 27″ monitors as my workspace, and a small 13″ touchscreen (my primary) in front and middle of them… I use my touchscreen as a “shortcut” screen to quickly launch apps & PowerShell scripts… now I just need to figure out, how to force certain apps to load in a certain monitor…. They will now stay in place just as you want them, and they won’t move to any secondary monitor either. And why is that? I guess I was getting greedy! Thank you. Because…. Check out this guide for some quick fixes, 2. Solution 2 even disappeared with all my icons, and I can[t find them…neither to revert the step. How ’bout 5 past years of IRS audits? I have only been able to thrive each time I have a small voice, heard or unheard in the face of unnecessary neglect and damage, and with this blogger- saying in appropriate place, time, and measure- uhm, No, Microsoft, just no. But Windows kept screwing up the desktop icons on the primary screen after I changed the display setting. Embrace yourself for the one and only solution that worked for me. And it happens when you move your mouse and do something on your computer? We lift up this icon, your effort to post, our humility in the face of abuse of power, and join you in labeling our stand alone icon! One of the suggested solutions can be found on GroovyPost. Windows 10 laptop. You can find the AppData folder by opening Explorer (Windows+E) and typing in %userprofile% like this: And then click on AppData with your right mouse button, click “search” and search for “IconCache” (if you can’t find a “search” under your menu, solve this problem first: Search Button disappeared). The desktop icons were arbitrarily rearranging icons to what it thinks is alphabetical (It was not true). Thank you so much. I hope that solution works for you. My primary only allows DVI, and for some reason windows prioritizes HDMI as the primary monitor, so it identifies the secondary monitor as 1, and my primary as 2.

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