The first version of the categorical imperative emphasizes an idea important to Kant’s thinking of the idea that any rule was valid only if it could be applied universally. Scholars Like other men, he wished that things would go well. ” Their system was “consequentialist” in that its proponents claimed that an act is morally right if the act causes the greatest good. [174 0 R x�c```a``=�������A�X��,3YX�9R%T�\˳��\8��� � /+���o�m��S[�2ز���ŶE����^�[w�AOS��2���r5p��՛nϩ���Η�?�Z�����l���!���mQ��e�ۑ�Nb鿪���E&�NO�6����v�.W�0� wHA�A ��v`5^� �b�2��k8�4>q��|�գ�i:b{�>;�Qx��g��7���=��*��_5�-z���Ԑ�*"�0�a�����=���F���� �p Hollinger, 2002, pp. 174 0 obj (“Normative Ethics. Critics charges that the ethical system of Epicurus leads to an austere hedonism. If this condition by 69 itself establishes self-evidence, what work is left for the others to do? Under the general heading of “normative,” two of the most important schools of ethical thought are the “consequentialist” and the “deontological schools of ethical thought. /Type/Page ” This system was summed up in the common statement, “the greatest happiness for the greatest number. To calculate this, one had to compare the total amount of good that the act caused, minus the total amount of bad that the act caused. 177 0 obj /Size 219 0000016403 00000 n 0000010281 00000 n 173 0 obj Sidgwick on Consequentialism and Deontology 3 66 There is an initial puzzle about this account. Deontology vs. Utilitarianism Deontology Utilitarianism Justice Ethics vs. Care Ethics Justice Ethics Care Ethics ights Ethics Conflict of ights Ethical Theories in Nursing Moral philosophy has moved from addressing Plato's question of what makes the good person, to Kant's query as to the right thing to do, to Buber's concern with relationship. No matter how much the public wants this spectacle, it must be dismissed from our moral deliberations. First, the categorical imperative gives only absolute results. 214 0 R 28-31; “Normative Ethics,” 2002; Sinnott-Armstrong, 2006) Deontological ethical theory takes its name from the Greek root “deon,” meaning “that which is obligatory. The mere intention to conduct these actions reveals. <> Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” would cause the most productive state of an economy to be reached by allowing all of the people in the economic unit each to pursue his own self-interest. have given the concept of deontology the close attention that such prominence should merit., Deontology and the Categorical Imperative, Outline the Key Principles of Natural Law. Further utilitarianism does not accept the notion that some acts are absolutely ethically wrong, so that potentially it can be warped into a system justifying any means. The primary exponents of ethical egoism, include Epicurus, Adam Smith, and Ayn Rand. ] Their system was “hedonistic,” in that they claimed that pleasure was the only true “good” and pain is the only true “bad. How does a person decide what is good? This left the utilitarian system open to attack because of the hedonism it advanced. Whereas, consequentialism focuses on the consequences of the action. /Rotate 0 172 0 obj << 0000032379 00000 n 0000001945 00000 n From Socrates, one can move ahead to Immanuel Kant, whose philosophical system led to his system of the “categorical imperative”: “Act so that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of another, always as an end, and never as a means only. 0000016567 00000 n Thomas Aquinus linked this. Utilitarianism denied that the moral rightness of any act depended on anything other than the consequences of the act. /N 13 ” There is no room for "gray areas. " First, let us examine what it means to act in a deontological manner. To describe this in general terms, this deontological theory focuses on the inputs leading to actions rather than outcomes produced by those inputs. Get Your Custom Essay Second, duties often come into conflict, and the categorical imperative gives no means to resolve these conflicts. 0 Ethical rules based on duty have the great advantage that the ends can never justify the means. Consequentialism and Constraints Consequentialist theories have two elements. One of the more commonly used arguments was that vulgar acts, such as orgiastic sex might produce greater transient pleasure than some disciplined higher act such as studying fine poetry. 0000048950 00000 n 215 0 R To describe this in general terms, this deontological theory focuses on the inputs leading to … (“Normative Ethics” n. d. ). If the net total net amount of good was greater than this net amount of good for any other act that the agent might have performed, then the act was good. 210 0 R Over the course of history, various thinkers have tried to develop systems which guide human thought on this question. In his philosophical studies, Kant tried to establish a rational principle that would stand as a categorical imperative for ethical judgments. Remember. (2016, Sep 05). This is just a sample. However, consequentialism focuses on judging the moral worth of the results of the actions and deontological ethics focuses on judging the actions themselves. This article will contribute to filling out this gap by arguing that the widespread understanding of deontology as formally opposed to – and thus, in a sense equal to – teleology or consequentialism is not just incomplete, but actually misleading. 0000006771 00000 n 218 0 obj 0000051188 00000 n What is “good”? 0000029668 00000 n By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Your Deadline is Too Short? /Linearized 1.0 0000001427 00000 n 0000046705 00000 n Retrieved from endobj 0000002218 00000 n You can get your 175 0 obj trailer 213 0 R 1. The focal point of deontology is the concept of duty; deontology is derived from the Greek word deon (duty). 0000039796 00000 n /T 190250 endobj Deontology, Consequentialism and Moral Realism A. Jean Thomas Abstract This Article analyzes hybrid philosophical models that combine deontological and consequentialist principles.

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